[Web3Q] Twitter Daily Web3 Essence (AI Noise Reduction · Chinese Free Version)

[Web3Q] Twitter Daily Web3 Essence (AI Noise Reduction · Chinese Free Version)

Web3Q Daily Twitter Pick #20220428

💬 Changelog

  • Subscribe to my little newsboy ‘s shoes to see today’s update? I gave an Easter egg benefit – I started to organize the “Web3 Cognitive Upgrade Skill Tree”.

🖼 digital collection

  • [This article explains in detail the underlying logic of successful NFT projects and the way to break the game for non-blue-chip NFT projects] What is the underlying logic of the success of NFT projects? How can non-blue-chip NFT projects break the game? link >> ( via )
  • Web2 to Web3 Project Collection: Decentralized PayPal: MetaMask (not issued) Decentralized KEEP: STEPN (GMT) Decentralized QQ Music: Audius (AUDIO) Decentralized GMAIL: Dmail (not issued) Decentralized Domain Name Service: ENS (ENS) Decentralized Content Platform: Mirror (Mirror) Decentralized Reddit: Steemit (Steem) ( via )

🦸‍♀️ Chain Games / Metaverse

💰 financial transaction

  • On-chain data monitoring (chips) regularly shared, this week’s theme: #ETH chip situation ( via )
  • CoinGecko’s 2022 first quarter report, worth a look, full version link at the end of the article download link >> ( via )
  • [Tool sharing] The super easy-to-use IDO calendar not only marks the time, but also investor information, price, estimated market value, etc., saving a lot of time to check information. Links >> ( via )

🌟 Hot discussion yesterday

  • #BattleboundWL #Bitcoin #satoshiisland #OKX #BSC #STEPN #DeFi #photography #TeddyBoy #Ethereum #CryptoMaids #playtoearn #Solana #Binance #stepn
  • @isaiahthomas @optimismPBC @Daguidiyi @satoshiisland @MerryPals @gidao_official @DaFoer_ @battlebound_io @Evaverse_NFT @trait_sniper @tosanfiuu @taurenshaman @moonbirds_xyz @lvbingh @fotuo312

📦 recommend

  • MixPay is a decentralized cryptocurrency payment service platform based on Mixin Network. The bottom layer of MixPay has the ability to separate payment, settlement, and pricing. It supports settlement in multiple cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, and provides three settlement modes: ordinary users, robots, and multi-signature. MixPay, born for Web3.
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  • We are waiting for you. We welcome the sponsorship of Web3 / NFT / Metaverse projects and investment institutions. It is not expensive at present.

📌 near-term development plan

  • Chinese and English versions of AI model training continue to be optimized << Ongoing
  • Notion Integration << Planning
  • Welcome to email and reply to other functions you want to achieve…

Web3Q is currently a tool project focusing on the Web3 field and based on AI to automatically filter high-quality Twitter information. It retrieves 10,000+ Twitter content from top high-quality sources in the Web3 field every day, and uses AI to reduce noise and cooperate with manual screening to improve your signal-to-noise. Compare.
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  • Web3Q is only used for information transmission and is not responsible for the authenticity of the information. Please research and identify by yourself. Investment is risky.
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