0914 – First time encountering weird problems in hardware

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I encountered a very strange problem today. Bluetooth can send signals but cannot receive signals.

The first reaction is that sleep mode is triggered by mistake, because sleep mode is this behavior. Therefore, a thorough research in this direction has been fruitless.

During the period, there were various attempts in other directions, which took a lot of time and greatly affected the mood.

Finally, it is still an expert’s advice, because the use of soft serial port + high baud rate may cause unstable problems. Tried lowering the baud rate and it worked fine.

Doing development always encounters such a thing, stuck in one place, no matter what. There are often countless tossing, and on the eve of giving up, it is finally bright.

Before doing software, I came here from time to time. In the hardware field, this kind of problem is expected to be more.

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