10-year-old cold wave hits the mobile phone industry

For the mobile phone industry, the beginning of the new year is all bad news. According to the latest data released by IDC, global smartphone shipments in 2022 will hit the lowest record since 2013. Shipments in China fell below 300 million units for the first time in 10 years. To make matters worse, all brands, including Apple and Samsung, are declining, and the difference is nothing more than the magnitude of the decline. This will be a big moment. If shipments in 2023 still do not improve, it means that the entire mobile phone industry has entered a lonely twilight. Even giants like Samsung and Apple are drawn into the dark curtain without exception. Where will the mobile phone industry go? | Related reading (36 krypton)


In the past few months, the global mobile phone industry has been gloomy. Due to the huge scale of the current mobile phone industry, the shock wave of the downturn in the mobile phone industry will not only impact the supply chain upwards, but will also impact channel vendors downwards, thereby affecting the overall economy.

“Frozen three feet, not a day’s cold.” There are many factors behind the difficulties faced by the mobile phone industry. The global economic environment certainly has some impact, but whether it is you, me, or ordinary consumers, it may also be one of the important reasons.

The key is why everyone doesn’t change their mobile phones anymore? what reason? China’s smartphones have been developed for many years, and the penetration rate has reached 80%. Almost every Chinese has a smartphone. In the smartphone market, which has entered the stock stage, growth has begun to slow down. Therefore, if mobile phone manufacturers want to achieve the rapid growth as before, they must let users replace their mobile phones more frequently.

If manufacturers want to attract users to increase the frequency of replacement, they naturally need to provide sufficient incentives. However, at present, the performance of smartphones is long overdone, and ordinary users can use an old mobile phone smoothly and healthily for several years. If the new phone doesn’t bring obvious advantages or changes, there’s no need for people to switch.

Moreover, the entire mobile phone industry has been trapped in a dilemma of weak innovation in recent years. Even if it is as strong as Apple, it can only slightly improve the chip and camera performance. However, these regular upgrades year after year have not brought new value and application scenarios to users.

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