2022-10-21-The Eighth Convocation Order of Good Chinese

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The summoning order can easily be interpreted as an urgent order, which is as urgent as a law, but in fact, everything is not so urgent.

Good food is not afraid of being late, and good Chinese is not afraid of procrastination, because people who like it will naturally like it, and people who don’t like it will be useless even if you shout out.

When the waves receded, all that remained were those who persevered.

Good Chinese does not sing praises to others, nor does it sing praises to others. I have such patience, waiting in wisdom for those who know the goods to come. What if you don’t come? Then keep waiting.

I’d rather wait here for a thousand years than to make vain praises.

Writing for me is a way of life, not a simple livelihood skill. My major in university is foreign trade, and I can survive without selling characters. However, I love the text that condenses with water and mist.

Give me water, give me electricity, give me fire.

I don’t want your golden country, I just want a small corner where my white hair grows.

The difficulty of writing has reached a point where people who can write two characters are highlighted. If you can write, it is already a maverick. If you can express it clearly and accurately, it is very rare.

We write and no one reads it, which in no way dampens our enthusiasm. Most people can’t even write, and some people think that they can write. In fact, knowledge is constantly creating garbage.

And we are a special group of people, our words would rather be frozen under the iceberg, floating dust at the end of the universe, rather than being treated as a dessert for entertainment.

In this ever-changing world, we must strive to maintain the hardness of words.

Our wisdom comes from the inspiration of natural light, and we use the rationality and emotion that ordinary people have to think about problems, instead of using others to oppose our thinking. We are especially reluctant to let go of the bottom line of our perceptions to accept things that go against our perceptions, no matter who is trying to indoctrinate us. We don’t easily hand over the weapons of our thinking to believe in some conspiracy theory or a big game of chess. We only believe that children naively discover:

He really has no clothes on.

Writing is not just about talking about the wind and the moon, but also about talking and expressing. Writing is our last weapon, because everyone will eventually die. Being near death creates our expression, and besides, there is no greater motivation than that.

We have to write, not only to write, but to be seen. Though we speak lightly, our words will become seeds in the wind, waiting to fall into the right soil. Our words will not all come back empty. This is the belief of good Chinese.

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