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  1. Now many people know how to exchange time for money, but they don’t know how to exchange money for time.
  2. It is difficult to make a person successful, but it is easy to destroy him. —— Be wary of fear, think twice
  3. Anything that does not make our life better but worse, does not make our choices more but less, then there must be something wrong
  4. It is not terrible to make mistakes, what is terrible is not being able to face up to mistakes and correct them. If you turn a blind eye to the mistakes you make and refuse to admit them, the result will inevitably be to make mistakes, the more mistakes you make, the more mistakes you make, and the more mistakes you make.
  5. Teacher Lin talked about the countryside from the perspective of backward natural economy. And Mr. Wen talks about agriculture from the perspective of the foundation of people’s livelihood, national competition, and strategic material reserves. The angles are different and the emphasis is different, but there is no conflict.
  6. One is all, all is one, and the purpose of all is man himself. To become a thing is to become a person, to be a person, to be a person, to transform the world and to transform oneself are the same thing.
  7. Loneliness makes me fall into nothingness, into the abyss of meaninglessness. Only in the in-depth communication between people and the collision of thoughts and emotions can there be sparks of passion and motivation for life.
  8. Cultivation and self-cultivation is to correct one’s own behavior. If there is a mistake, it must be corrected. It is a matter of a lifetime, and it is also a matter of every moment. The premise of correction is introspection. Be alert to your own words and deeds, think twice before acting, and reflect on and verify the results of your actions. It is worth considering whether to do or not to do everything, and how to do it if you do it. First reduce mistakes in doing things, and then reduce mistakes in speaking and thinking. Later, as soon as a word is uttered or read, you will know whether it is right or wrong. Therefore, the essence of practice is to recognize and correct one’s own mistakes.
  9. How to read poetry? —— substitute

    1. Use your imagination to enter the situation constructed by the imagery in the poem
    2. Understand the background of the poet’s life and the stage of his life when he wrote the poem, and substitute the perspective of the poet
  10. Between the Axial Age and the present, why has philosophy become prominent?

    1. The great pain brought about by the great changes in society makes people sober up and start to reflect deeply, looking for answers to life & society
    2. Dramatic social changes, the rapid demise of old things and the rapid birth of new things make it easier for people to perceive the laws of social operation and the secrets of creation
  11. Zhi Zhi – the boundaries, boundaries, scales of behavior, bottom-line thinking & limit thinking

    1. It is necessary to know the upper limit and the lower limit
    2. After clearing the boundaries, you can turn passive into active, because you know the critical point of qualitative change in things, and you can make directional efforts
    3. Don’t fall into the endless pursuit of external things such as money, status, knowledge, etc. These are all for people.
  12. Heart is the measure of all things

    1. The opposites and distinctions of all things are not absolute binary opposites, but only differences in degrees, which can be transformed into each other
    2. Only the distinctions of the heart itself are absolute, such as love and not love, kindness and unkindness, belief and unbelief. There is no 50% love, love is 100%, not love is 0%
  13. I want to have a lover, not for the satisfaction of sexual desire, but to have a loving person by my side, so I don’t have to face the loneliness of life. We are together day and night, we can do our own things, but as long as you are by my side, I will be safe.
  14. art of struggle

    1. Speak up for righteousness (public interest)
    2. Not for people, only for things.
    3. Beyond the level of personal grievances
    4. Criticism directed at individuals in public is offensive, provocative and hurtful
  15. Respect the law: The consequences of Ding Yuanying’s actions are terrible. He pre-designed to use the law as a means to hurt others and force others to achieve his goals. Stir up a useless discussion just to enlighten a woman.
  16. Pay attention to the occasion when speaking, the occasion is part of the context. To speak responsibly, one must pay attention to the context.
  17. Respect the law and respect the rules. Let yourself be more constructive rather than aggressive, and show your sharpness into a hidden needle. ,
  18. After-view of “Slumdog Millionaire”: How long will we who have not lost our conscience endure this dirty society before we can take action against evil and darkness? It can’t be so dirty forever! ! ! In this era of unprecedented material abundance and unprecedentedly developed productivity, the poor have insufficient food and clothing and no fixed shelter on the one hand, and insufficient demand and overproduction on the other. The inequality and absurdity of the system are undoubtedly exposed. Is it necessary to rely on the so-called “destiny” to solve the problem? Salvation?
  19. Trying to follow the right path is afraid of going astray, not to mention taking shortcuts with luck?
  20. If you’re here more out of reason than ideal, it’s hard to empathize because I’m an idealist on the road. Township construction has become a lucrative business for some people.
  21. my logic

    1. Do whatever comes to your mind, but think twice and accept the consequences
    2. Because of personal limitations, you may make mistakes, keep reflecting, accept criticism with an open mind, and correct mistakes immediately
  22. The allocation of a single resource has huge management costs because of the zero-sum game. We should make the cake bigger, have the courage to open up a bigger space, and create new wealth and value
  23. Empty cup – not clinging to existing knowledge, skills, and cognition, and not treating them as certain correct things. When encountering new things, conflicts are discovered, and in conflicts, existing cognitions collide with new knowledge, thereby updating cognitions, and even colliding to dig out deeper things.
  24. Superposition of Urban Community—Reconstruction of Value and Lifestyle in the AI ​​Era. Refactoring, structural changes produce qualitative changes.
  25. Digest art, liberate the possibility and value of people, and let the purpose of art return to people themselves.
  26. Use doctrine, the broadest mind—— use the best things from all over the world
  27. There is value isomorphism between man and nature, and between man and man, forming a symbiotic relationship
  28. Contemporary society presents a tighter system, and if a screw goes wrong, it will hang.
  29. Shen – heart + truth, sincerely face your heart
  30. smart economics

    1. function overlay
    2. value fusion
    3. Cost (capital) compound utilization
    4. Single-state design and industrial design are eliminated, professional limitations
  31. The collective is made up of everyone and can be exploited, misled, deceived, incited to attribute the collective evils to the abstract collective, and cover up the individual sins, malice, blind obedience, and stupidity. There are bad people in the group, with different interests and limitations.

    1. Indirect Taxes – A Hidden Deception to the Public
  32. Psychological problems arise from the inability to do what one wants to do, and the pain is distorted. Such as hunger, sexual desire, love, revenge, so the phenomenon – “symptom” can have countless kinds. People can express their emotions freely without psychological problems.

    1. Diagnose through symptoms + process experience, find the crux and emotional depression, and carry out catharsis treatment
  33. The key to the existence of anything is whether it is needed and whether it can solve real problems. When a truth is useless and of no practical value, it never becomes a known truth at all.
  34. Doubts about Darwin’s Theory of Evolution

    1. There is no necessary logical relationship between the survival of the fittest and evolution. The result of survival of the fittest and natural selection is evolution, not evolution. The evolution of species should be guided by another “rule” – the power of endless life, the power of vitality
    2. The distinction between high and low species is more about the position of the biological chain than the level of viability

      1. Higher animals are not always better at environmental tolerance and reproduction than lower ones
  35. The real proposition of the times, the emergence of real problems
  36. The era of groups <——> the development of communication media, the convenience of transportation——> the interaction between people is more frequent and the scope is larger
  37. To explore the natural nature of human beings out of the historical context, we can only explore two roots:

    1. The “animal nature” of human beings as creatures
    2. heart, conscience, god
  38. To belong to a school is to associate with its prejudices and habits. —— There is no “our academic”, the basic spirit of academic is critical. I love my teacher, I love the truth more
  39. It is irresponsible to only say that a certain person or a certain theory is problematic. It is equivalent to only giving a judgment, refusing to provide evidence, and directly criticizing and characterizing based on suspicion. The correct approach is questioning + logical deduction + verification, to conduct a complete criticism of it, and to clarify all right and wrong.
  40. A friend’s child caught a small grasshopper and gave it to me. I asked him: Why did you let it go after you caught it? Since you want to let it go, why did you catch it before? He said: Because it is also life. I just play around with it.
  41. Comprehension in Chess

    1. Stand on the other side’s point of view to think about the problem. Why did he make that move, what was his purpose, and what would he do next?
    2. Jump out of your own inertia. If one way of thinking continues and you can’t see a breakthrough, try to change your way of thinking and consider the possibility of other chess pieces and routines
    3. Big picture thinking. Immerse yourself in local fighting, but also pay attention to the situation of the enemy and our veterans
  42. When human beings get rid of the anxiety of survival, the moral level will inevitably have an earth-shaking improvement, and evil will inevitably be gradually clarified.
  43. Thinking is very tiring and exhausting. Love and pain give me energy, and pain itself is born of love.
  44. Trying to tell the good guys from the bad is something kids start doing at the age of 5. Children distinguish between good people and bad people, and after labeling them, they can simplify the world. What good people say is right, and what they do should be affirmed and supported. What bad people say is wrong, and what they do should be denied and stopped. But the world is much more complicated than this. We should put aside this simplistic thinking, give up laziness, learn to face everything in life, deal with things and people, and deal with each problem in a specific way.
  45. Knowing the ordinary—knowing what ordinary people should be like, in order to be aware of one’s faults and be a normal person.

    1. Ni Haixia – Healing the Body
    2. Lin Zhenglu——Healing the problems of the heart and brain, conscience and thought. Public welfare education cures diseases and saves people, gives people unlimited possibilities, and makes people become people. Everyone is like a dragon, and the world is in harmony. When everyone becomes an independent thinking, morally conscious, and responsible subject, society will naturally become better.
  46. Aging begins with the heart. A person is old when he refuses to accept change, understand new things, and explore different points of view.
  47. Why am I easier to get along with women?

    1. There is no natural sense of competition between the same sex (derived from human animal nature)
    2. There is a sense of boundary between the opposite sex
  48. The purchase source of electrical appliances in the store was not clearly handed over, which caused problems and troubles repeatedly.
  49. When marriage and children are no longer sufficient conditions for two people to live together, and when both parties have the economic foundation to live independently, marriage can return to its true foundation—love, mutual admiration. Only in this kind of free relationship where we live together if we agree and separate if we don’t agree can love continue to exist. Because emotions and emotions can be expressed in real time, and they will not be blocked and stagnated into intractable tumors because of concerns about interests. After all, two people should not be together to have children, nor to have a house, but just because they want to be together. When they don’t want to be together, they shouldn’t weigh the pros and cons and forcefully stick together, that will only cause pain and accumulate hatred.
  50. In the relationship between the sexes, women’s economic independence is a security need. A woman who is not independent will have a desire to control out of security needs, driving her to control men in order to feel safe. Just like the so-called “female-specific emotional needs” in “The Distant Savior”, Rui Xiaodan must “raise” Ding Yuanying in order to have the mentality of equal dialogue.
  51. In today’s society, formal education has constituted a systematic evil of mediocrity.

    1. Hundreds of thousands of adolescents commit suicide, attempted suicide and suffer from depression each year.
    2. When human resources factories are seriously overcapacity, they still do not want to change, to cultivate new types of talents with independent personalities, who can learn independently and even create knowledge and skills. Instead, they stay within the existing interest structure and continue to create tragedies.

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