2023 April Reading Feynman, Navarre, Jung, Communication, Life and Death…

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Feynman said: “If you can’t explain a concept to others, then you don’t really understand it.” However, in his autobiography, there is nothing serious about his Nobel Prize, but takes you into His life of play and joy. Naval, earn enough wealth, and then share with us how to create wealth and how to obtain happiness. Who said that rich people are suffering, but others are very happy. The elaboration of emotions in “I Am You” points to the truth, everyone learns to communicate, how much unnecessary blood should be shed by human beings!

In April 2023, finish reading 20 books. My favorite is Feynman’s autobiography. I have re-read the English version of “Nawar Canon” and benefited a lot.

The rest of the books also have short reviews, which are listed as follows:

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