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Let’s cook today! There is chili fried pork that Ding Liangzhu loves to eat, and there is small seafood that I love to eat. I have to praise Ding Dong for grocery shopping. Last year, I bought all kinds of seasonings, such as pepper oil, chili peppers, etc., to make small seafood in sauce, but if I have to buy a portion of every small seafood, it will be a big one. Pot, so I never did it. Last night, when I was shopping for groceries on Ding Dong, I saw a thoughtful family portrait. There are several items in one serving, which suits me. Also, I actually saw the special pepper for chili fried pork, and I bought it because of the name of this SKU!

I didn’t cook for a long time and there was an accident, all the dishes were very bland. I thought to myself that it would not be sugar, but sure enough, I poked it with my finger and dipped it into a little bit of sweetness. It was sweet.


I didn’t go out to take pictures in the past two days, so I can only take some fresh ones at home.


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