500,000 strikes rock Britain

According to a number of British media reports on February 1, the United Kingdom ushered in the largest strike day since 2011. 500,000 people from seven trade unions are expected to participate, including teachers in England and Wales, train drivers and people from 124 More than 100,000 civil servants across government departments and agencies. The British “Daily Telegraph” described it as a “de facto general strike.” 10 Downing Street warned that the scale of the strike on the 1st would mean “major disruption” to British society. In Reuters’ view, the wave of strikes that lasted for several months was more of a political blow to Sunak’s government than the economic impact. | Related reading (Global Times)

Takakura turtle

There have also been widespread strikes in the UK. The general strike in France has been going on for several days because of opposition to delaying retirement. The general strike in the UK was due to the decline in purchasing power due to inflation, and workers demanded a wage increase. Some were dissatisfied with the wage increase and demanded a wage increase higher than the inflation rate.

Since the end of last year, large-scale strikes have occurred in almost all European countries. Some oppose high inflation and demand wage increases, some oppose delaying retirement, and some have opinions on labor shortages and hope to introduce labor. Indeed, in the past hundred years, one fact has not changed. The capitalists in Europe and the United States have always maximized their interests, and the rights and interests are constantly fought for by trade unions and workers. Now Europe’s desirable work-life balance and employees Behind the caring is also the result of these continuous efforts.

I see a lot of netizens and self-media getting this kind of news, basically because it’s not too big of a deal to watch the excitement. But I think that in today’s world of global integration, any turmoil in any country or region will have an impact on the whole world. The industrial chain impact caused by the general strike in the UK and other European countries is bound to spread to other parts of the world, and even affect us.

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