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August 15, 2022 is the anniversary of my love with Brother Dou, so coincidentally, the three-year-old photo shoot I made an appointment for Popo is also on this day. It was almost exactly one year ago, the Obon Festival in August was one of the three major holidays in Japan. We took advantage of the holiday to go to the countryside to do as the Romans did. Although visiting the shrine was the highlight, we were afraid that the etiquette would not be good. Zhou didn’t go there, just followed the trend and took photos.

behind the scenes
Let me start with a tidbit to whet my appetite

Seven-Five-Three—pronounced “しちごさん” in Japanese, it is a festival in Japan to celebrate the growth of seven-, five-, and three-year-old children. At this time, school-age children will go to shrines or temples to perform “Seven-Five-Three Worship” to report the current situation to the gods, express gratitude, and pray for health.

It is said that three years old = language, five years old = wisdom, seven years old = teeth, thank the gods for granting these precious things, and drive away bad luck at the same time.

(Translated from Wikipedia, excerpts have been deleted.)

According to tradition, the 15th of the full moon day in November, the harvest month, is a day to express thanks and pray to the gods for a good harvest, so by the way, a healthy growth buff is also added to the child. Therefore, this activity was basically carried out in autumn. In fact, if it is only divided according to the four seasons, autumn is also the most suitable. After all, spring is the season for enrollment and graduation, and the climate in winter and summer is too extreme. Popo’s birthday falls at the end of the year, so he turned three last fall and was approaching four, which was a good time to take pictures. I still found the chain store where I tookthe one-year-old photos before, but I changed to another store and chose the seven-five-three set meal, a set of western clothes, a kimono, and a set of self-preparation (we prepared Hanfu).

first suit
first suit
first suit
Missing Princess Aisha

After choosing clothes at the store, we will enter the makeup and hair mode. Because I sent the whole family a group photo in kimonos, Brother Dou and I also did a simple dressing up. It was the first time that Popo sat in front of the dressing table, obediently cooperated with the young lady to put on makeup and perm her head. There were black hairpins on her head, which I had to take off when I went back. I thought that I would be sad to leave Popo, who was shy, but I didn’t expect her to adapt well. It must be because the attraction of becoming beautiful is too great. She has been waiting for the day of becoming a princess.

When Brother Dou and I put on the kimono, Popo’s Princess Elsa photo was almost done. I can’t help but marvel at the cooperation of the three-year-old child, and admire the professionalism of the photographer. Apart from being a little shy throughout the whole process, Popo was still very natural, and the final product was so satisfying that he wanted to scream. In other words, after I got the electronic version, I sent it to Moments as soon as I got it. It took half an hour to select the nine-square grid, and it only took two seconds to add the text “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, and got 50 likes.

second kimono
second kimono
It’s a pity that men’s kimonos don’t have light colors

The speed of changing costumes and shooting was so fast that I was a little dazed. Before I could react, Popo had already changed into her kimono and changed into another appearance. I thought it was the hand of cost who was manipulating behind the scenes, but later I found out that I was tired and distracted after filming two sets of Po Po, so the third set was more vague. Or if they arranged it like this, I suddenly realized that the store knew more about child psychology than I did.

After the freshness of shooting is over, I am exhausted. Thinking about it carefully, Popo has been tossing for a long time, and changing clothes is actually tiring enough, not to mention posing so many poses for pictures, or being in an unfamiliar environment, the physical exertion fast. After the shooting was finally over, the clerk carefully prepared snacks and tea, and we sat in a special small room and slowly selected photos. Yes, we are loyal electronic faction, we don’t print or make photo albums, only the electronic version. But doing business is still their specialty, and the electronic version is the most expensive, but we couldn’t stand Popo’s cuteness, so we bought 80 original pictures for a huge sum of money without blushing or beating our hearts. The grandparents in the family group also said that it was worth the money!

The third set of Hanfu
Taking photos with her favorite bunny

After selecting the photos and paying the money, it was already evening, so we went directly to forage nearby. Popo fell asleep while waiting for a seat, and was woken up by us when we were eating. During this photo shoot, Popo also got his own powder puff, eye shadow brush, blush brush and comb, all of which are disposable items bought by the store. Up to now, these cosmetic utensils are still stored in her drawer, and she occasionally takes them out to imitate a few strokes, and then runs to the mirror to make a fuss.

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