A movie ticket for “Avatar 2” sold for 300+, would you still “watch movies like revenge”?

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The man who changed the movie world is back, and he returns to Earth with the blue-skinned Na’vi.

Chinese theater managers are probably waiting with tears in their eyes for James Cameron’s new film “Arrival”. Whether it is from the praise of the previous IP or the cast of the new film, there is no doubt that “Avatar: The Way of Water” It is a phenomenal rescue film.

Of course, the phenomenon level also represents the degree of topic and discussion. Although “Avatar” is still more than a week away, there have been rounds of discussions about how the movie itself is and whether the movie ticket price is high or not.

▲ Picture from: “Avatar 2”

The Way of Water: Another “Giant Ship”

What is “Avatar”?

Released in 2009, the fantasy epic “Avatar” is the highest-grossing film in the world. It’s a revolution in technology and viewing experience that separates the living room TV from the professional screen – something you can only see in a movie theater. It is a brand new technology and a major breakthrough in film production technology. It pulls 3D into the hearts of all movie theaters and film practitioners.

▲ “Avatar 1”

With such a powerful blessing from the previous work, people are basically not worried about the box office results of “Avatar: The Way of Water” (hereinafter “Avatar 2”), not to mention that the new work also has a giant ship blessing-the Titanic.

In addition to the advantages of the previous movie, the re-cooperation between the leading actress and the director of “Titanic” also added more chips to “Avatar 2″‘s ability to attract money. The blessing of two classic movies that broke the box office record, the effect of 1+1>2 is also what “Avatar 2” needs. After all, the high investment and frequent bounced tickets of “Avatar 2” once made investors panic. They also need more Many confidence blessings.

▲ Kate Winslet filming “Avatar 2”

But even with the “incense” in front, Kate Winslet still suffered a lot when filming “Avatar 2”.

Before she took part in “Avatar 2”, the record for an actor to hold her breath underwater was set by Tom Cruise. He once held his breath underwater for 6 minutes for “Mission Impossible” and Winslet held his breath underwater for 7 minutes and 12 seconds for “Avatar 2”.

Winslet is the actor who set a new record, and other actors also need to try a little bit longer to hold their breath underwater to complete the filming. In this process, whether the same confident and accurate performance can be performed in the water is itself a difficulty. For special effects, the production of underwater special effects is also very difficult… The changes of water waves, transparency, foam, and water droplets all require the special effects team to conduct simulation experiments a little bit.

It’s just that these are all “little difficulties” when the film is actually filmed, and the most difficult thing is the beginning.

While “Avatar 2” is highly anticipated, it is also frequently “bounced”. The previous work was too successful, and it is also an invisible pressure for the main creators who want to start the sequel.

After the success of “Avatar 1”, director Cameron focused on personal breakthroughs such as ocean exploration. In 2012, he became the first person to complete a breakthrough in diving into the Mariana Trench alone. Cameron himself had a lot of fun with the time spent living in harmony with the ocean: “I started to have the question, do I want to make another movie, let alone another Avatar movie?”

After a hit at the box office, Fox couldn’t wait to launch a sequel, and Cameron was the one who “put on the brakes.”

In his view, the plan to make a sequel is stupid, because “Avatar 2” must reach the top 5 box office revenue in history to be regarded as a marginal success, and an excessively high goal will discourage challengers.

But in the end, Cameron accepted the challenge too high.

Judging by the reviews so far, the movie has received a lot of praise from critics and filmmakers alike. “Pan’s Labyrinth” director Guillermo del Toro said after watching it that this is a miracle that needs to be watched on the biggest possible screen. Spanish filmmaker del Toro also praised Cameron, saying that the new film is full of magnificent scenery and epic emotions.

And on Twitter, the film has largely received overwhelmingly positive reviews from viewers. Many people say that it surpasses the original and is unparalleled, and even those who don’t like “Avatar 1” are full of praise for “Avatar 2”.

Visual effects, narrative methods, and character emotions are the advantages frequently mentioned by these preview audiences.

▲ The movie received a lot of praise

This is in line with Cameron’s official spoiler. He told the media before that the characters in “Avatar 2” have grown up. The original young men and women have children, and everything has changed: “When you have children, you will learn to fear.” So “Avatar 2” “It is likely to be a movie with visual effects that catch people, and at the same time, the emotions between the characters are moving enough.

It’s important for a sequel to respect what audiences love about the original, but also to make them “off balance” and do something they didn’t expect. There are a lot of surprises about how the story develops that we didn’t put in the trailers and TV commercials.

But in terms of visceral emotion, the film also has a deeper meaning.

Tickets are expensive and you’re likely to watch it over and over again

But whether the movie is good or not, and whether it can touch people’s hearts can only be felt by the audience sitting in the movie theater.

Before entering the cinema, the audience’s only feeling is–movie tickets are so expensive!

The ticket price of the spot screening is close to 360 yuan, and the price of a single pre-sale ticket is 250 yuan. This is the proof that “Avatar 2” became popular before it was screened. We have seen such a grand occasion before the release of “Avengers 4”. In this type of movie, watching a movie is not a consumer entertainment, but a kind of social “pilgrimage”.

The high production cost and outstanding visual effects of movies have given movie theaters the confidence to increase prices-especially those movie theaters that have the best screen lighting and have higher ratings in the hearts of movie fans. Because the people who buy tickets first are also the ones who are most eager to see the movie, they can often put up with the high ticket price, just to be the first audience to sit in the movie theater.

This is a “long-planned” two-way rush. Audiences have long wanted to watch movies, but they are suffering from unattractive new films; theaters have long wanted audiences to return to movie theaters, but there are no blockbuster films to attract them back. Now that “Avatar 2” is about to be released, audiences and theaters can continue to return to their previous state.

And those audiences who want to see new films whether they can accept the high ticket price in their area can also do “movie immigrants” for “Avatar 2”. The newest and best-located movie theaters in the city center are often the movie theaters that sell tickets for 300 yuan, but the old movie theaters in remote areas can still let you watch “Avatar 2”, but the seats in the IMAX hall may not be cheap anywhere.

Smart users have long learned to find movie tickets on the second-hand platform of e-commerce platforms, and these people can often provide lower movie ticket prices.

Movie ticket purchasing agent Pengfei sighed in Moments at 1:00 in the morning, “Finally stopped”. Since the pre-sale of “Avatar 2” started, his status has become “I don’t know how many tickets have been issued”.

▲ The fare you read in advance is not generally expensive

It can only be said that all movie lovers and theater-related industry chains have waited too long for “Avatar 2”.

Fortunately, many viewers who watched “Avatar 2” may watch it more than once-if the filming effect of “Avatar 2” is really well received, theaters will be “making money” for at least a long time.

When “Avatar 1” was released, the box office of the first weekend was not as amazing as compared to the movie’s fans, but the box office of “Avatar 1” has always been known for its reverse decline. Many viewers who have watched it often choose to watch the fantasy beauty in the film again, and viewers who have not watched it will also enter the cinema because of the discussion of the phenomenal film. For movies like “Avatar 2”, second-brush audiences are also “push box office” for him.

▲The characters in “Avatar 2” are also more detailed

This is a movie that needs 3 hours to watch, and it is also a movie that the creators are confident that you will get a second brush. The “Hollywood Reporter” asked Cameron when he interviewed him. In 3 hours and 12 minutes, when is the most suitable time for the audience to go to the bathroom. Cameron’s answer is:

Go to the bathroom when they feel like it, because the second they walk into the movie theater, they can see the scene they missed.

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