A once-popular metaverse game, now there are only 19 daily active users left

after low tide.

At the end of last year when the Metaverse became popular, a short-lived real estate speculation boom suddenly occurred in this virtual world. Rich people who spent a lot of money have ended up in succession, the value of many metaverse games has skyrocketed, and the highest transaction price of virtual land has been raised to millions of dollars.

Among multiple metaverse platforms, the metaverse game “Decentraland” that was in the limelight at the time attracted much attention. Not only the famous singer Lin Junjie spent 500,000 to buy real estate here, but also many fashion brands gathered here to hold the Metaverse Fashion Week. During the period when the value of virtual currency soared, the market valuation of “Decentraland” was as high as 1 billion. Dollar.

But a year later, when the Metaverse real estate speculative bubble burst, these digital real estate that no one cares about began to become worthless. According to a report from the data tracking website DappRadar, since March this year, the popularity of “Decentraland” has gradually declined in a cliff-like manner, and the value of plots in the game has also shrunk significantly. Recently, the number of active players in the game has dropped to the bottom. The minimum daily active users is only 19.


Of course, if the game is really close to single-digit online, I am afraid that the server should be shut down long ago. The “active users” in DappRadar’s data is not equivalent to the number of online players, but takes into account the number of players who have traded in the actual game. Those who have encrypted wallets, have traded with the encrypted currency MANA, and have recently logged in and online are only eligible. will be classified as active users.

In the face of many doubts, “Decentraland” had to come forward to clarify. According to the game’s creative director, their definition of “active users” is very different from DappRadar, as long as players who enter the game and leave the initial area are counted as active users. By this standard, the average number of online players per day is around 8,000, and the number of monthly active users is about 50,000.


The monthly active number of DappRadar statistics is 500

The source of this debate, in the final analysis, is the different definitions of active users on both sides. Let’s not talk about whether those players who only shop in the game can bring benefits, but under the same algorithm, another popular virtual currency game “Axie” calculated by DappRadar
Infinity has 20,000 daily active users.


The dismal popularity of Decentraland is now in every way. This game, whose main gameplay is to purchase land, is now only a large area of ​​idle land left uncultivated; the topics discussed by the game’s current player community are mostly the loss of players due to falling popularity; as for the in-game land value, We can refer to the 500,000 real estate that Lin Junjie purchased last year, and its value has lost more than 80% in less than a year.


The value of the virtual currency MANA used in the game has fallen sharply

Recently, the discussion about the metaverse has gradually become calm. The investment concept that once had a bright future with a bright future and attracted all kinds of capital predators to enter the market seems to have faded from the halo that does not belong to it. At that time, the investment in buying a piece of land in the Metaverse completely kept up with the housing price of a real city, but now it is deserted and deserted. The bubble in reality will burst, not to mention the illusory online world.

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