About Douyin

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About 5 or 6 years ago, at nine o’clock in the morning on a certain Saturday, I opened the Douyin just installed with a curious mood, and opened up a new world… When I checked the time again, it was already two o’clock in the afternoon… It was the first time I used Douyin, and I was “eaten” for five hours at once. At that time, the content on Douyin was not so diverse, and it was full of all kinds of videos without any information except for entertainment, so I understand why some people are willing to declare that they “don’t watch Douyin”, while others hold contempt for indulging in “Douyin”. manner. In the matter of “killing time”, this type of short video platform is really unrivaled. Under the premise of not violating the law and morality, everyone has the freedom to create. Similar to today’s Chinese movies, the audience’s taste has played a considerable guiding role in the quality of the work. As long as there is traffic, the platform does not mind helping the bad guys. So if you watch too much, you will get tired and make people want to stay away. Today’s short video platforms are full of high-quality content. Finding a balance between platform push and active selection is a constant switch between boring and surprise, which is a painful and happy thing. As I use more time, I have gradually found some standards that can filter out low-quality content, and try to avoid unnecessary waste of time: In some fields, there will be some “experts” who give various guidance all the year round. Although the aptitude is a mystery, but he talked eloquently before and after the camera, and his words were convincing, which was very confusing. Although the above filtering criteria can filter out part of the content, you still need to be vigilant about the “teaching” content at all times, just like making an exercise book, don’t just copy the answers in the back, you should do the questions yourself first, and have a certain conclusion Then, with a questioning or verifying attitude, compare the answers. In other words, for completely unfamiliar fields, it is best to find an authority to lay the foundation and establish a certain basic understanding, and then find a charlatan to check for omissions and polish the details. Most of the short videos play the role of quack warlocks. For workout videos, that’s what I do. The essence of the short video platform is not much different from the forums that are basically in a state of extinction. With the blessing of various templates, filters, and background music, the threshold for creating content that can “attract traffic” is even lower than that of traditional forums. Therefore, Tianya closes the station, TikTok is popular in the United States. It’s just that the current internet is full of conflicting viewpoints, and there are a lot of echoes and magnified and extreme content. Often there is no conclusion on one thing, and the attention of viewers is attracted by another so-called hot spot. Because of this, these harmless entertainment content for humans and animals on the short video platform happen to be the happy filler for anxiety, but they need to be taken in moderation to prevent them from going crazy. After all, if you are not careful, you will be easily caught by this wormhole Eat big chunks of time.

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