Absolutely impossible game ads on Simplified Chinese social networks

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△ 266|A game advertisement that is absolutely impossible for a simplified Chinese social network

Don’t be fooled, the “this kind of game” mentioned in the title must not exist in simplified Chinese social networks, even if it is more brainwashing, more eye-catching, and more addictive than those stupid advertisements in WeChat Moments – because it It’s a “gangster” business game.

To be honest, every time I am attracted by this kind of ad that is stupid but full of twists and turns. The content of the advertisement is very simple. In the beginning, a “gangster boy” who only had Lv.5 was hot in the gang, and was run and plotted everywhere. Later, he will meet a “gangster queen” who is chased by the police or other gangsters. There are two options for the “gangster boy” in Lv. 5 – one is to save the beauty by a hero, and the other is to see the death. . I believe no one can’t help but want to save this big breasted queen. After that, the “gangster boy” of Lv.5 was upgraded to the “gangster officer” of Lv.30 immediately after saving people, so he started his own road of revenge, He started killing all the Lv.15 gang members who had bullied him in the past, turning them all into Lv.5. At the same time, he could continue to upgrade, recruit talents, and enjoy fame and fortune. In a firefight with another Lv.99 “gangster boss”, the male protagonist in the story chose to block a shot for the “gangster queen”, although his level returned to Lv.5, but he got the beauty return, Not only did he finally get the true love of the “Queen of Gangsters”, but he also annexed the opponent’s gang through his own ambition, and finally became the beloved Lv.99.

In fact, the core of this type of advertising is the same. At the beginning, he was a nobody, and he was even humiliated in various ways, but through every choice he made at the crossroads of fate, he obtained a miracle in a certain sense, so as to become a success. the “hero”. Game companies that can afford more advertising money will also add a “hero is misunderstood” and a plot in the extra advertising time, so that the plot will reverse, make him lose everything, and fall into a trough. Back to the pinnacle of life. Do you think this kind of plot is a bit familiar – from the perspective of “little people”, Stephen Chow’s movie, which turned from a nobody to a winner in life, loves to use this cute logic.

In the previous article, I mentioned a topic that should have “started a new line”, that is, Chinese people always love to have “Martial Arts Dreams” . The reason why martial arts novels exist is because they make up for the share that people can’t get. look forward to. Evolving from a “little person” to a “winner in life”, although this is a dream, the degree of its prostitution will make people reluctant to wake up, preferring to live in this self-paralyzing dream forever. Although many people are reluctant to admit the dream of “gangster boss”, the temptation behind him will be even greater, money, beauty, power, and even sanctions and control over other people’s lives, so this game advertisement will be repeated again and again. I’ve seen it again and again…

It needs to be explained here that all kinds of software in my mobile phone have turned off the “tracking” function, that is to say, the advertisement placement of some software is impossible to carry out accurate advertisement placement after depicting the user’s portrait on my account. of. Without being able to know the user’s portrait, the ads I often receive are these kinds of stupid time-killing games. And the concept of “gangster” accounts for the vast majority. Games from different game manufacturers like to use the same routine and logic to advertise.

In other words, according to market feedback, this type of “gangster”-themed advertisements are indeed the easiest to attract users to click, and generate interest in the game, or even addicted to it, these game developers will More willing to run ads of this homogenous kernel.

Conversely, you will find that “Knight’s Dream” seems to be at two extremes with “Gangster Dream”. With its character, personal charm, criteria for joining and being born, belief and persistence, knights are simply a perfect moral benchmark, and there are even some “functionalities” that people expect, such as allowing rich people to save themselves with money The “rob the rich to help the poor”, or “fight the wicked and get rid of the evil” that makes all the injustices in the world spread, and even some “functions” are more inclined to a personal subjectivity, such as whether there is a kind of hero who can save the world. All the children who were crying and making a fuss in public were torn to pieces with their bare hands and so on.

Now that we have talked about it here, let’s quote the dismantling of “the function of the hero” by the American pragmatist philosopher Sydney Hooker. Simply put, there are several reasons why people look forward to the emergence of “heroes”:

The first and most important reason is that “heroes” are people’s pursuit of “psychological safety”. When the social rules are more stable, the more people can obtain demand satisfaction from healthy rules, the more people will obey the rules, and will take the initiative to take the role of maintaining the rules. On the contrary, the more unstable the society is, the less people can obtain a “fair and just” distribution of interests through existing rules, and people will form resistance and group together. In the former, they will lose their original belief in principles, so they hope that there will be an “opportunity” that can change all this; in the latter, the rabble needs a leader as a cohesive existence, so that the power of the rabble individuals can be collectively amplified and consolidate. The figurative representation of the front and rear is an actual “hero”;

Second, the breaking of the rules means the birth of “sin”, so they hope that “heroes” can take “sins” instead of them at the same time. In essence, moral kidnapping and “heroism” actually have the same core. The key to moral kidnapping is that “moral benefits belong to oneself, and the actual pay is borne by others.” The benefits of the reorganization of the order come to us, and we actually need to bear the blame for breaking the rules to the hero.” – Therefore, the hero needs to be superpowered, mystified, or even deified. Gang bosses who do good deeds and knights with deep fame are in fact existences who can escape criminals.

Third, since the rules have been broken, the reconstructed rules must satisfy new “vested interests”. Obviously, no one’s “hero dream” is just for the hero to get the “hero” award, he must do something that will make everyone taste the sweetness. Superman saves the beauty who fell from the sky, Spider-Man stops the train on the brink of crisis. The purpose of the hero is to establish a new rule of “converting the weak into the strong, and even punishing the strong” after breaking the rules.

Fourth, the “little hero” is the remedy and repair of individual defects. It’s not just the big heroes, the stories of why the little ones become the winners in life are still fascinating. It’s nothing more than those little guys with the darkest life, because of their “you have me and I have” ability, which makes him a hero step by step. This kind of dream is more real, and it is easier for people to be reluctant to wake up, because in this kind of counterattack dream, people can keep imagining what they will look like when they achieve step by step in the half hour before going to bed.

Of course, “heroes” also need to be shackled by human nature. This shackle is in fact people’s distrust of the self, which is reflected on the hero. Humans understand that when they have this ability, they cannot control their desires. For example, Homelander in “The Boys”, I actually think he is the setting closest to “hero”, conceited, anti-social, Oedipus complex, his imperfection makes his “hero” attribute become a It’s a runaway existence, but that’s exactly what happens when people elect a person as a hero.

Combining the above, you will find that it seems that such “heroes” themselves cannot exist in society. It is precisely because it is impossible to exist that the dream of “gangster boss” can stimulate human nature so deeply. Even if its advertisement is designed to be low, someone will definitely read it, and even be attracted by those tens of millions of values, big breasted beauties. , the heart-warming revenge, and the tall image of the hero saving the beauty, and is getting more and more immersed in this dream.

Of course, not only because the concept of “gangster” is not allowed to appear in simplified Chinese social networks, but because the order of this era has reached the era background standard of “we need a hero”, if it really makes our hearts feel When the expectation for “Knights” arises, “they” have to really worry about whether we will project into our own reality and expect the emergence of the hero who promotes good and eliminates evil.

It’s better now, let’s indulge in the stupid game of “sheep is a sheep” and count the balls!

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