AI warlock refining anus: programmers open source “anal bead cheating” code

There is really no one for programmers to “anal”.

The matter has to start with the shocking scandal exposed in the chess world a few days ago.

At that time, the world champion Magnus Carlsen (Old Cargo) played live against 19-year-old rookie Hans Niemann (Little Hans) and lost.

Then the old card brother chose to withdraw from the game, and tweeted that little Hans cheated during the game.

Little Hans did have a history of cheating in online games before that, so the voice of “cheating by anal beads” on the Internet was rampant.

Even Musk participated in the discussion for a time, and alluded to the sentence “it’s in ur butt”.

Then this incident aroused the great interest of a Dutch programmer Ron Sijm (Sim brother): “This scandal, I have been following”.

So in his spare time on weekends, Brother Sim researched “anal bead cheating” and even made the code open source!

The project name is “ButtFish”:

Put the Morse code of chess moves into your ass with ease.

This is really the rhythm of hardcore “refining anus”…

AI Warlock Refining Anus

Brother Sim’s anal practice, the first step is to search on GitHub to see if there are projects that can be used for reference.

Unfortunately, he didn’t find one that could be used directly, but there is a relatively close project called SockFish.

We have talked about this project before, which is basically a cheat device made of a Raspberry Pi connected to an insole:

The input depends on the pressure sensor installed in the shoe, the output depends on the vibration motor, and the communication depends on the Morse code.

Although it smells a bit like that in principle, Brother Sim thinks it’s unrealistic for this thing to be stuffed into his ass.

So, he searched around again and found an open source project called, which can also generate Morse code through vibration.

As for what the “medium” of the vibration is, we won’t talk about it in depth, everyone can make up their own minds (so embarrassed and embarrassed)…

After doing the research work, Brother Sim also thought deeply about a question-who would engage in such a “smart anal bead”.

In his view, those who study “smart anal beads” need to meet the following three conditions:

You have to be interested in shit-related things, you have to be able to play chess, and most importantly, you have to be able to program, right?

Brother Sim felt that there were very few people who could meet these three conditions, so he gritted his teeth and stomped his feet:

This “God’s Chosen Son”, let me come!

To put it simply, Simge’s method is mainly divided into three steps.

First, by reading the chessboard FEN string, determine the best move for the next move.

Second, encode the best move into Morse code.

Finally, the Morse code is sent to the connected device.

Since Brother Sim couldn’t find a very suitable anal bead, he replaced it with his own spherical headlight during the demonstration – one flash of the light bulb is equivalent to one shock of the anal bead.

(Also has that taste)

As for the vibration generated by the smart anal beads, how to link the user to cheat, let’s talk about it.

Chess 8×8 grids are generally numbered horizontally as lowercase ah, vertically as 1-8, and the chess pieces are named according to the initials of English words, such as Queen (Queen) is capital Q, Bishop (Bishop) is capital B, and lowercase x stands for eating.

This way, each move can be written in a short coded form like “Bxg2” (move the bishop to the g2 square and capture a piece), which is also a common chess notation method.

However, Brother Sim also stated that there is no conclusive evidence that Hans is cheating through smart anal beads, so this project is just his interest.

Anal bead cheating scandal follow-up

Regarding this smart anal bead cheating scandal, the old card brother issued a new statement in the past two days.

In this statement, the old brother bluntly said:

Hans Niemann cheated more times than he publicly admitted.

There are limits to what I can say publicly without the explicit permission of Little Hans. I can only show by my actions that I don’t want to play chess with him.

Regardless of the outcome of this incident, I hope the truth can be made public.

Under this statement, netizens also have mixed opinions.

Some people think that the old card’s approach is ruining the great future of a 19-year-old boy:

If you have evidence that the kid cheated, show the evidence.

Some netizens also believe that the official needs to do a TSA body scan on the players before the competition to check whether there are cheating devices such as smart anal beads:

In short, there is no clear result of this smart anal bead cheating scandal in the chess world, and the incident needs to wait for further development.

About this anal master

The anal master is named Ron Sijm, a programmer from the Netherlands.

According to his personal homepage information, he usually works for DotNet, an IT solutions company, but currently works as a program developer at Appical.

One More Thing

Remember that amazing website we mentioned just now?

Brother Sim has been actively communicating with the above users, hoping to find the “chosen son” who has the device and wants to try his software.

Emmmm… kind of interesting.

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