Alibaba founder Jack Ma has returned to China

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According to the news from the Financial Associated Press, the “Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily” reported on the 27th that Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group, who had previously appeared in Japan, Thailand and other places, has returned to China. Recently, some netizens witnessed Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group, in the Wenyi Road tunnel in Hangzhou. In the video, Ma Yun rides a Kautex, talking with people around and in front from time to time.

In this regard, a reporter from the “Kechuangban Daily” confirmed from relevant people that the people in the car were Ma Yun, Alibaba Group Chairman and CEO Zhang Yong, and Alibaba Group Senior Vice President Shao Xiaofeng.

In October 2020, after the listing plan of Ant Group was stranded, Jack Ma rarely appeared in front of the public, and his whereabouts became the focus of attention from the outside world.

China Business News quoted sources on February 19 as reporting that Ma Yunya recently appeared in Australia to visit Australian friends whom he met in China more than 40 years ago. British media reported in November last year that Jack Ma had lived in the center of Tokyo, Japan for nearly half a year, and traveled to the United States and Israel regularly. In early January this year, Thai media reported that Jack Ma appeared in Bangkok to watch a Muay Thai match. Then at the end of January, Hong Kong media reported that Jack Ma met with Thailand’s richest man, Chia Tai Group Chairman Xie Guomin, and Xie Guomin’s third son, Chia Tai CEO Xie Rongren in Hong Kong.

Bloomberg reported on March 27, citing people familiar with the matter, that Ma Yun chose to stay abroad and said that he had retired from Alibaba and would focus on agricultural technology research in the future. People familiar with the matter said that Jack Ma has told Alibaba and Ant Group executives not to expect him to return to China, and reiterated that even if he is not in China, he will fully support the company’s success.

Source: Financial Associated Press

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