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Came across a nice “sample” in the elevator.

“Sample” is an old man who has been playing a short video on his mobile phone while waiting for the elevator. The content is roughly to say that many elderly people in China have made outstanding contributions to the construction of the motherland. They should not be disrespected because they are old. It is not that the elderly have become bad, but that young people should treat them with gratitude. elder.

I think he’s a good “sample” not only because he lives on the same floor as me, but also because this is the second time I’ve encountered him in an elevator. For the first time, I felt that he released this short video, maybe he put the half-swiped Douyin in his pocket and let it play automatically. As a result, the second time I met him today, he still used this short video. It was almost half a month later, so I had to re-examine this “inadvertent”, maybe this old man could “arrange” it.

Let me talk about the logic of the short video first. The content itself is actually very nutritious, and he very cleverly used the Chinese people’s “strong and weak thinking” to favor the weak, and used a very cunning logic. “Because the elderly have contributed to the country”, “it is not a heinous thing for the elderly to become bad”, “disrespecting the elderly is a bad habit in this era”, so “the young people who don’t respect the elderly are forgetting their roots”.

Because there were several other people in the elevator at that time, listening to the harsh noise played by his mobile phone. I don’t know how other people think, but I think it’s worth pondering. For example, did the old man want to jump in the queue when he was doing the nucleic acid test, and he was dissatisfied after being stopped by the young people, so he took out his mobile phone and started playing this content, in an attempt to influence the speeches of those stubborn young people. In short, when he made noise in the elevator, everyone looked embarrassed and thought he was too loud, but because of the emotions instigated by the short video, they could only “don’t care”.

Some time ago, Chengdu was under lockdown (or “principled at home”), and in order to establish an “internal management mechanism”, many communities arranged for many grandparents to become epidemic prevention and control volunteers. They equip uncles and aunts with friendly “red armbands” and a “dog-beating stick” about two meters long. When they encounter residents who stay, don’t wear masks and gather, they will take They hit the ground with a dog stick as a threat, asking residents who did not comply with the epidemic prevention requirements to “obey”. This kind of setting similar to the “beggar gang”, I didn’t quite believe it would happen in 2022 at first, but this year, there are enough shitty things, but when I saw the bright red armbands on the arms of these uncles and aunts, I believe this is yet another chapter of absurdism.

Seeing this news, I can only sigh with emotion, who is really suitable for what kind of work. Think about it, the young people in the 17th and 8th years followed the crowd to raid their homes, maintain the rules, and arrest counter-revolutionaries for the first time, and this year is just the age of the “old man”. The passion and madness flowing in their blood during this history will not be easily extinguished, and the red armband and the dog-beating stick just became an opportunity to awaken the sense of justice and responsibility in their memory. That’s it.

If the community where I live also has such a “professional” one day, I think the “sample” you meet in the elevator must also be the mainstay in it – after all, he basically can’t find his own in his current life. value.

I say this because I watched him for a long time. He lives in a family of five with his son and daughter-in-law, granddaughter and young grandson. Interestingly, this pair of siblings is also a “sample” that once appeared in daily writing. This old man is basically not welcome at home, because after the death of his daughter-in-law’s mother-in-law, his wife, the daughter-in-law no longer takes him seriously – after all, she has already fought her mother-in-law to death, and then she just needs to wait for this old man to die. By freeing up the seat, she can completely inherit the position of the “big mother goddess” of the family.

In fact, it is conceivable that he lives behind closed doors every day, and only goes out at two o’clock to buy food and cook and become the “long-term worker” of the family. He must be dissatisfied. Maybe he used to be the passionate young man who embraced the red books and was the first to represent justice from the new landlord’s family, but now he has become a “long worker” in the rule that father and son no longer fight each other. So I can understand why he has to play those speeches in public on his mobile phone, he wants to silently express that he is no longer respected and dissatisfied in this modern society, or he takes that recording as a A “talisman” that should be respected by others.

He certainly hopes that this society will be reshuffled again, so that he can “take back” the privileges of his own era, and the sword of justice that can judge evil at will. So I met him again today, and I did an “experiment” – his voice was really fucking loud, so I took a look at him first and saw that he was talking about the “motherland” in the video. Builder” and proudly, then I took the headphones out of my bag in front of him, shook my head and put them on.

I can clearly see his dissatisfaction. He may feel that this recording should be played for young people like me. Not only did I not give him face, but I also “disgusted” his accusations against the society in front of him. So he turned his voice up a little, which made the people next to him frown. I know he lives on the first floor with me, so I want to turn off this speech after seeing what he does – after all, I still have a kind of “kindness”: maybe he forgot to turn off the TikTok that he was swiping. I got out of the elevator before him. He lived across the door from my house and didn’t walk very fast. After seeing me enter the door, he silently turned off the sound of his phone.

At this time, there will definitely be people who stand on the moral high ground and accuse me. What qualifications do I have to call this old man “old and immortal” in the title. So, I need to explain it here. I didn’t say “old age”, but one day I accidentally bumped into the old man’s son and daughter-in-law in the elevator. The daughter-in-law was obviously complaining about her father-in-law and asked when the husband would rent him a house for him to live out on his own. Obviously, this son didn’t care about his father’s life either. He was holding his mobile phone, swiping Douyin, and just answered his wife ummmmmmmm.

At that moment, I saw from that son’s body the appearance of the “old immortal” hunched over his back – at least for now, his son is still his last amulet.

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