Ancient Chinese History and Characters – Qin Shi Huang Note 8

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The First Emperor’s Courtiers: The Demise of Li Si and Qin

Li Si sighed

Li Si was from Cai in Chu Shang. When he was young, he was a county official, and when he saw that the rats in the toilet of the official’s house were not eating enough, and he approached the dogs, he was frightened. Si entered the warehouse, watched the mice in the warehouse, ate the millet, and lived under the big hut, without worrying about people and dogs. So Li Sinai sighed, “A man’s virtuousness is like a rat, it’s where he is! “

It is from Xun Qing to learn the art of the emperor. After the study has been completed, it is not enough to save the king of Chu, and the six kingdoms are all weak, and there is no one who can make meritorious deeds. He wants to enter the Qin west. After resigning to Xun Qing, he said, “…no criticism is greater than lowliness, and no sorrow is greater than poverty …. Therefore, I will speak to the King of Qin from the west.”

If people want to change their destiny, the most important thing is to change the environment in which they live. If you want to change your environment, the most important thing is to learn and learn from good teachers. After you finish your studies, you can choose the environment.

In the Qin Dynasty, King Hui Zhuangxiang died, and Li Sinai asked to be the husband of Qin Xiangwen, Lv Buzhang, and he was not Wei Xianzhi, so he was appointed as the Lang. Li Siyin said it, and said to the King of Qin: “…the territory of Qin, the virtuousness of the great king, …, are enough to reduce the feudal lords, become the emperor’s business, and unify the world . Coming back to Xinjiang, gathering together and making an appointment, even though there are sages of the Yellow Emperor, they cannot be together.”

The king of Qin, Nai Baisi, was the chief historian, and he listened to his plans, and sent his counsellors to hold gold and jade to persuade the princes. If the lords and famous people can come down with wealth, they will leave them with a generous legacy; those who refuse to do so will be stabbed with sharp swords. Away from the plan of his monarchs and ministers, the King of Qin made his good generals follow him. Qin Wang Baisi was a guest minister.

When people get along, the first impression is very important, and the first impression often determines most of the impression.

To convince someone, you must first understand what they want.

Meeting with the Han nationality, Zheng Guo came to Qin, and the ministers of the Qin clan all said to the King of Qin, “Those who come from the feudal lords to work in Qin will probably travel to Tai’er for their masters, and please evict all the guests.” Li Siyi was also on the way. Sinai wrote in a letter: “…the husband’s property is not produced in Qin, but there are many valuable treasures; the scholar is not produced in Qin, but the original loyal ones are many. Now we are expelling guests to enrich the enemy’s country, and harm the people for the benefit. The inside is empty and outside. To resent the feudal feudal lords , to ask for the country to be safe, it is impossible to obtain it.”

The King of Qin removed the order of expelling the guests, restored Li Siguan, and the soldier used his strategy. Officer to Tingwei. For more than 20 years, he has competed and merged the world, respecting the Lord as the emperor, and taking Si as the prime minister. The county seat of Yijun has lost its weapons, showing that it is no longer reused. To make Qin Wuchitu seal, not to make his sons kings, and his heroes to be vassals, so that there will be no danger of wars and attacks in the future. …to take away the words of a hundred schools of poetry and books to fool the common people, so that there is no such thing as the past and the present in the world. Clear laws, laws and decrees, all start with the First Emperor. same document. Governing Li Palace Annex, Zhou all over the world. Next year, they will go on a hunting tour, and they will be able to attack the four barbarians.

Li Si sighs again

The eldest son of Si is the guardian of Sanchuan, all the men are still princesses of Qin, and the women are all married to the sons of Qin. Li You, the guardian of Sanchuan, returned to Xianyang, and Li Si kept wine at home. All officials and chiefs lived in front of them for their longevity, and there were thousands of chariots.

Li Sizhen sighed and said, “What a hoot! I opened Xunqing’s day that “things are forbidden to flourish.” Those who do not have the highest ministers can be said to be extremely wealthy. When things are extremely high, they will decline, and I don’t know what taxes will be paid!”

In October of the thirty-seventh year of the first emperor, he traveled to Kuaiji and sailed to Langxie in the north. Prime Minister Si and Zhao Gao, the commander of the CRRC government, also acted on the fuxi command, and they all obeyed. The first emperor had more than twenty sons. The eldest son, Fusu, gave several direct remonstrances. Younger son Hu Hai Ai, please obey and let him go. Yu Zi does not follow.

In the seventh month of that year, the first emperor went to the sand dunes and became very ill. He ordered Zhao Gao to give a book to his son Fu Su, saying: “The soldiers belong to Meng Tian, ​​and they will be buried in Xianyang at the funeral.” The book and the seal are all in Zhao Gao’s office. Five or six people, the only son Hu Hai, the prime minister Li Si, Zhao Gao and the lucky treasure, knew that the first emperor had collapsed, and the rest of the officials did not know. Li Si thought that the top was collapsing outside, and there was no real prince, so he kept it secret.

Zhao Gao, because he left the Fusu seal book he had given him, called his son Hu Hai and said, “When the emperor collapsed, he only gave the eldest son’s book. When the eldest son arrives, he will immediately become emperor, but the son has no size, so what’s the point? “

Hu Hai said: “The country is also. I will close it. The ruler knows the ministers, the father knows the son, the father gives his life, and the sons are not sealed. What can you say!”

Zhao Gao said, “No. The powers that will be delegated today depend on Zi and Gao.

And the Prime Minister’s ear, I wish the son Tugong. Moreover, the husband and the ministers and the ministers in others, the control of the people and the view of the control of the people, how can they be on the same day!

Since Hu Hai said it to Gao, Gao said: “If you don’t conspire with the Prime Minister, I’m afraid things won’t work out. This minister please consult with the Prime Minister for your son.”

Gao Nai said to the prime minister: “Shangbeng, give the eldest son’s book, and the funeral will be established in Xianyang as an heir. The book has not yet run, and now it has collapsed, and no one knows it. The eldest son’s book and the seal are all in the Huhai office, and the crown prince will be established . In the mouth of Jun Hou Yugao . How will things go?”

Si said, “The words of the subjugation of the country! This is not something that should be discussed by human officials!”

Gao said, “The lord and lord can imagine who is with Meng Tian? Who is with Meng Tian who has great merit? Who is with Meng Tian if he wants to be far away? Who is with Meng Tian who has no resentment in the world? Who is with Meng Tian when his eldest son is old?”

Si said, ” None of these five are as good as Meng Tian, ​​so how deep is the monarch’s responsibility?

Gao said: “Gao Gu was also a servant of an internal official. Fortunately, he entered the Qin Palace with a sword and pen. He has been in charge for more than 20 years. He has never seen Qin dismiss the prime minister’s meritorious service and has a second generation. He led them all to death. The ten-odd sons are all known to the king. The eldest son is resolute and brave, trusts people and strives to be a warrior, and when he ascends the throne, Meng Tian will be used as the prime minister.

Li Si three sighs

… Sinai looked up to the sky and sighed, weeping for a long time: “Oh! I am alone in a troubled world, and since I can’t die, I trust my life!” So Sinai listened high. Gao Nai reported to Hu Hai Ri: “My minister, please follow the order of the Crown Prince to repay the Prime Minister, and the Prime Minister dare not obey the order!”

Why did Li Si agree? Greed for life and fear of death to seek wealth.

So it was the prime minister and the conspiracy, cheating to be the prime minister by the first emperor’s edict, and making his son Hu Hai the crown prince. More books to give the eldest son Fusu Ri:

“•…Fusu is not filial as a son of man, and he gave him a sword to kill himself! General Tian and Fusu lived outside the house, and they were not correct, so they should be aware of their plans. If he was disloyal to his subjects, he gave him death, and he used his soldiers to help Wang Li.” With the emperor’s seal in the book, Hu Haike was sent to Fu Su in Shangjun with the book.

The messenger arrived, issued a letter, helped Su weep, entered the house, and wanted to commit suicide.

Meng Tian stopped and helped Su Ri: “Your Majesty is outside, and there is no crown prince. The envoys guard the border with 300,000 people. The prince is a prisoner. Please ask again and then die, before dusk.” The messenger counted. Fu Su was a benevolent person and told Meng Tian himself: “The father gave the son to die, Shang An asked him again! He committed suicide. Meng Tian refused to die, so the messenger took him as a subordinate official and tied him to Yang Zhou.

Why can’t you achieve a career in life? for fear of death. Not even afraid of death, what is there to be afraid of?

The messenger also reported that Hu Hai, Si, and Gao were overjoyed . When he arrived in Xianyang, he was mourned, and the crown prince was established as the second emperor. Take Zhao Gao as Langzhong

Order, often serve in the use of things.

The Great Learning quoted the “Oath of Qin”, saying: “If there is a minister who is cut off and broken, and has no other skills, his heart will rest, and his tolerance will be. A good heart is just as good as if it comes out of his mouth, if he can actually tolerate it, so as to protect my descendants, Limin, and the people, it is also beneficial. People have skills, and they will hate them when they are sick; It’s really unacceptable. If I can’t protect my descendants, Limin, I will be in danger every day.”

The second generation of Yanju called Gao Yu to do something, and said to the sun: “…I have already entered the world, and I want to know what my ears and eyes like, but my heart is poor.

The joy of my aspirations is to rejoice in the Anzong Temple, and I am happy with all surnames. I will have the world for a long time, and I will end my life. What is the way? “

Gao Ri: “…The plan of the dunes, the sons and the ministers are all suspicious, and the sons are all the emperor’s brothers, and the ministers are also placed by the previous emperors. Now that your majesty has just established, his intentions and embarrassment are not satisfied, and it may change. And Meng Tian is dead, and Meng Yi will keep the soldiers outside, … and Your Majesty is happy about this?”

Second World Day: “Why?”

Zhao Gaori: “…Destroy the ministers and leave the flesh and blood far away, the poor are rich, and the humble are noble. All the old ministers of the previous emperors are eliminated, and the people who are close to His Majesty’s confidants are brought closer. This is the evil and virtue of His Majesty, and the evil will be eliminated and the treacherous and conspiracy will be blocked. All the ministers are not moisturised and honoured, and Your Majesty is pampered and pampered.

Second Shiran Gao’s words, …, killed the minister Meng Yi and others, the son of the twelve people killed Xianyang City, the ten princesses died in Du, the property entered the county official, and there were countless people sitting next to each other.

… The decrees and punishments are becoming more and more serious, all the ministers are in danger, and there are many who want to be there. It is also used as the palace of the Afang, and it is used for straightening and galloping. So Chu Cheng led Chen Sheng, Wu Guang, etc. to rebel, and they started in Shandong. Jie and Jun stood against each other. They set themselves up as princes and rebelled against Qin.

Li Sishu wanted to ask for advice, but the second generation would not allow it. …Li Siziyu was the guardian of Sanchuan, and the bandit members Guang waited for the western land, but in the past, he could not be banned. Zhang Han was able to destroy the soldiers of Guang and other soldiers, and the messenger overturned the case of the three rivers belonging to each other, and made Si the third public servant.

Li Si was frightened, and he did not know where he came from. It was the will of the second world. He wanted to ask for forgiveness. Do not dare to be inexhaustible in favor of his master…. This is why the master is solely in control of the world and has nothing to do with it. It is extremely happy to be able to be exhausted, and a wise master can be neglected!•••• Therefore, I supervise him. If the technique is set up, you can do whatever you want. The officials and the common people have not been rescued, so how dare you try to change it?  …”

Book play, Ershiyue. Therefore, the supervision and responsibility are more severe, … the punishment is half the way, and the dead are accumulating in the market day by day, and the murderers are loyal ministers.

At the beginning, Zhao Gao was the commander of Langzhong, and he killed and reported many personal grievances. He was afraid that the minister would enter the court to make a case and destroy him. . . Zhao Gao often serves as a servant, and everything depends on Zhao Gao.

When Gao heard Li Si’s words, he saw the Prime Minister Sun: “There are many robbers in Guandong, and now it is urgent to go to the Epang Palace, gathering dogs and horses for useless things. Beans want to remonstrate, and it is a lowly position. Why don’t you remonstrate on this matter of true lords and lords? “

Li Siri: “Well, I’ve been wanting to talk for a long time. Today, I don’t sit in the imperial court, and I live in a deep palace. I have something to say, and I can’t pass it on. I want to see it forever.”

Zhao Gao said, “You are sincere and able to advise, please speak to your lord for the lord.” So Zhao Gao waited for Fang Yanle, the second generation, and the woman came in front of him, and sent someone to tell the prime minister, “You can play something in the upper room.” The prime minister went to the palace gate to visit , so three. The second day of anger: “I often have many days, and the prime minister does not come. My side is Yansi, and the prime minister comes to ask for things. Is the prime minister less of me? Can you hold me back?”

Li Si sighs

Zhao Gao’s case treated Li Si. Li Si was restrained and restrained, and in the picture, he looked up to the sky and sighed, “Ah, sorry for the husband! How can an absurd ruler be a scheming! . Alas! The Japanese barbarous their brothers and stand on their own, kill loyal ministers and make nobles and humble, serve as the palace of the prince, and serve the world. It is not that I do not remonstrate, but I do not listen. All the ancient sage kings, who eat well, and have a number of chariots, The palace has a degree of restraint. It is forbidden to issue orders and create troubles, and those who add fees are not beneficial to the interests of the people, so they can maintain long-term peace and order. This time, I acted against the younger brother Kun, regardless of the blame; invaded and killed loyal ministers without thinking about the consequences; I don’t love its fees: the three have already been done, and the world will not listen. Now, those who have rebelled already have half of the world, but their hearts have not yet repented. With Zhao Gao as assistant, I will surely see the bandits reach Xianyang, and the elk roaming in the court.”

So the second generation ordered the prime minister of the high case to be imprisoned, convicted, and accused Si and Ziyou of treason, and both arrested the guests of the clan. Zhao Gaozhisi, who swept more than a thousand on the list, was in great pain, and pretended to accept it. Therefore, the immortal people are proud of their arguments, have merit, and have no remorse. Fortunately, they have written a letter to self-report, and they are fortunate to be forgiven by the second world. … In the book, Zhao Gao’s envoy gave up and did not play, and said, “Prisoner Anto is in the book!”

In July of the second year of the second year, Gu Si was punished five times, and Xianyang City was beheaded in the waist. Si was released from prison, and he shared with his son, he said, “I want to go to Caidongmen to chase cunning rabbits with Ruofu and lead a yellow dog, how can I get it!” The father and son cried each other, and the three tribes of barbarians broke away.

Where does good and bad come from? Good and bad luck comes from [Things gather together].

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