Another Google product exits the mainland

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Another Google product exits the mainland

Recently, the server was moved overseas, and the access speed was much slower. Fortunately, this site is mainly used to record some of my daily trivialities, and not many people visit it, so they don’t care much about the browsing experience.

During the process of migrating the server, I looked for a tutorial and found that the translation function was not working when I used the Chrome browser to translate webpages. After a while, Google found out that Google announced that it had stopped its services in China due to the low usage rate of the translation function in China.

As a Google fan who used to use Google’s hardware and software, he was slow to cut meat, and replaced Google services one by one. Currently, only mailboxes, search and browsers are used. Now the translation function of browsers can not be used. .

Back then, a number of excellent Google products such as search, Google input method, Gmail, maps, and browsers set a paradigm for product development in the entire Internet circle. To this end, I also carefully read “Design Sprint: How Google Ventures Works in 5 Days” Complete product iteration” , benefit a lot. Later I read the OKR work method used by Google.

With Google’s withdrawal from China’s business, Google’s new product development has almost no longer considered the usage habits of Chinese users, so some new products developed later also make Chinese users feel ungrounded. Fortunately, Google does not seem to have developed several consumer-grade products in recent years. The frequency of use is relatively high, probably only Squoosh .

It stands to reason that commercial companies have no political stance and can carry out business activities around the world and use excellent products for the benefit of all mankind, but this is only reasonable.

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