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Spotify can be said to be an omniscient music software among the minority. Its simple and restrained interface design and distraction-free listening experience have attracted many listeners. But all along, Spotify has not been a particularly good experience on Android. Especially the immersion problem of the gesture bar that has not been fixed, a black bottom edge makes people feel very uncomfortable. Spotify doesn’t seem to have plans to do Light Mode either, and it would be very nice to have a bright theme.

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⚠️ Spotify Premium is required to use this app

Introducing to New redesign Spotify: Jetispot

When I opened the first interface of the app, I was already drawn to it. These control buttons have a full “native” flavor

1 Welcome to Jetispot!

Start experiencing the new style of Spotify

After logging in, you can see that the main interface is similar to the basic layout of Spotify. The Navigation Bar is divided into home page, search and library, and the three small icons in the upper right corner are also arranged in the same way. However, you can see that the author also added two category tags: Music and Podcasts & Shows. I think this is a very useful feature, after all, no one wants to see some very strange things displayed in the podcast after opening it in public. Unfortunately, the app itself is not completed, and this part cannot be used normally.

Feel free to explore

It can be seen that the search page is still very similar. The most obvious is that Browse all uses rounded corners on all cards. However, it can also be seen that the search bar function has not yet been implemented.

Now, let’s choose an album to see

It can be seen that in the album page, the background color is no longer the original dark page. The gradient color of the background is selected according to the album cover. Compared with Spotify, it feels less oppressive, and the overall appearance is very light and bright.

Choose a song to listen to

It feels that the loading speed does not have a lot of delay compared with Spotify, that is, it is not uncomfortable to use because the loading does not move. However, this music interface is relatively simple, and the upper part is very empty. At the same time, the progress bar does not use the wavy bar that looks like a snake👀

can do better

Overall, I’m happy to have a good-looking third party for Spotify on Android.

1 After all, Spotify doesn’t even care about immersion in a gesture bar

Jetispot can be said to be beautiful, but it is definitely not stable and excellent.

I often encounter flashbacks and bugs occasionally during my use. Moreover, many functions of this software have not been completed: the search bar is not yet supported, the message notification point cannot be used, the homepage filter cannot be used, the like function has not yet been implemented, and the small icons in the notification bar have not yet been adapted.

1 The location of the small icon is only empty ⚪

The app is still under development. The author also posted a preview of the lyrics section in the works in the Telegram Channel .

The following is the author’s plan on Github

What’s working:

  • sign in (login/pass only, no FB/Meta/whatsoever support, no Smart Lock either)
  • “browse”, “home”, album, premium plan, artist and genre screens (some of the blocks might be unsupported)
  • library: “liked songs” w/ tag&sort support, rootlist (liked playlists) + pins + artist/album support w/ nice animations, delta updates + pub/sub processing support
  • basic playback w/ Spotify Connect support (connect support is very WIP)
  • fairly optimized R8 rules, providing approx. 5-6 megabytes release APK size (with the playback and protobuf parts!)

What’s in progress:

  • “Now Playing” improvements
  • better service (notification improvements)

Hope it can develop for a long time, RIP for Xpo Music 🙏

You can download and use Jetispot for free on Github or Telegram Channel.

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