Apple will relax the new crown epidemic response measures to encourage employees to return to the office to return to work


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apple headquarters Technology News Beijing time on January 26th, people familiar with the matter said that as the epidemic weakened, Apple once again adjusted the new crown virus epidemic prevention policy, no longer requiring employees to take a new crown test before returning to the office, and canceled the new crown virus epidemic prevention policy. Special sick leave policy.

Journalist Zoë Schiffer tweeted on Wednesday that he had heard from Apple that Apple had adjusted its new crown policy again. According to the new policy, Apple employees will no longer need to undergo a new crown test before going to the office to work on-site. Currently, Apple is still testing employees to prevent further spread of the new crown.

At the same time, Apple also made adjustments to the new crown sick leave policy. Since the start of the new crown pandemic, Apple has introduced a special sick leave policy: If employees show symptoms of the new crown, they can take sick leave indefinitely. However, under the new policy, Apple employees can now only take up to five days of sick leave if they test positive for the new crown.

Schiffer Says Apple Drops New Crown Testing Requirement

Schiffer said that Apple’s new crown testing requirements will end on January 30 this year, and the unlimited sick leave policy will end in August. With these changes, Apple hopes to ensure that more employees are working in the office.

In April 2022, after two years of remote work due to the epidemic, Apple employees began to return to the office to work, and had to work on site one day a week. A month later, this requirement increased to two days a week. Apple employees have been required to work in person three days a week since last September.

It is unclear how this policy change will affect Apple’s event. Affected by the epidemic, Apple has stopped holding large-scale live events and switched to online. Last year, Apple invited a handful of developers to its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) held at its headquarters as the pandemic slowed. However, Apple still seems to be leaning towards online conferences. The company just released the M2 chip version of the Macbook Pro and Mac mini through a pre-recorded video. (Author/Xiao Yu)

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