ASML released a strong financial report, expecting chip demand to pick up in the second half of the year

On Wednesday, Eastern Time, after announcing a strong fourth-quarter financial report, Dutch chip equipment manufacturing giant ASML expects its revenue to continue to grow significantly in 2023, and expects the semiconductor industry to re-accelerate growth in the second half of this year. In addition, despite the pressure from the United States, ASML still expects that the proportion of the Chinese market in ASML’s sales will remain unchanged this year. | Related reading (Financial Association)

Xia Muzi

As a lithography machine giant, ASML in the Netherlands is at the top of the pyramid of the entire chip semiconductor industry, and its financial report status can intuitively reflect the temperature of the entire industry. However, in fact, it can be judged without looking at ASML’s strong financial report that the economic recession predicted in the new year may not have too much impact on the chip semiconductor industry. Although the consumer electronics industry market is shrinking rapidly, in addition to consumer electronics, many new industries, such as new energy vehicles and smart cars, require more and more chips. As long as technology is still developing and everyone relies more and more on technology, the demand for the chip industry will not shrink significantly in the future.

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