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At four o’clock in the morning, I was woken up from my sleep by the urine. I quickly got up and went to the bathroom to take a nap. After I came back, I went back to bed and went to sleep (don’t ask me how I know the time? Of course I have another cell phone). When I woke up again, it was already “five forty-five”. Debating whether to get up and go for a walk, I opened the “WeChat” of my mobile phone, and saw a message from “11 o’clock last night”, which was a transfer notice from the “landlord”, with a total of “421 yuan”, and the landlord finally refunded my deposit. , a full ten days! ! If it is really delayed until October, I will go to “12345” to complain that he will not refund the deposit.

I looked at the “check-out settlement screenshot” sent to me by the landlord. Except for the “water bill” I don’t know how to calculate, and I was overcharged by “30 yuan”, everything else was the same as the day I left. The settlement is “451 yuan”. Before, the monthly water bill was counted as “10 yuan”, maybe as “Ahui” said, it should be counted as “general ledger” when checking out. I don’t care, I can get the deposit. Finally, I don’t have to worry about the “Xiamen” side. I hope I can adjust myself here with peace of mind.

I also replied to the “landlord” later and apologized for the previous “behavior”. But in fact, I don’t want to be like this. It’s obviously because “he” doesn’t give me an accurate time, and keeps saying that tomorrow is speechless; but I am always easy to do this when I have low self-esteem. Make me bow down. Hey… this damn character, incompetent and weak me! Sometimes I think about how good it would be if I could be “schizophrenic” and give me a “great personality”, so I should also protect me, right?

After receiving the deposit, I happily swept away the haze before, got dressed, got up, washed and had breakfast, and was ready to go for a walk. While eating “breakfast”, I saw that “friend B” also woke up. I thought I woke him up and apologized, but “friend B” said that he woke up from urination, so it was the same as me. Ha ha.

When I was walking, I was in a good mood, and I also thought that I could finally “buy a watch”. I didn’t have the money to buy it before, but now the “deposit” has been refunded to me. I have money, and I plan to buy one. Of course, the budget is “50 yuan” haha.

When I walked across the first bridge, I saw a fishing spot. Someone was fishing today, and then I saw an uncle who looked like “Yu Qian” on the bridge. By the way, I also saw a “middle school student”, a girl wearing a “blue and white school uniform”. I didn’t see the students very much before, but I saw them often during this time. The epidemic situation is much better, and they all go to school.

When you reach the intersection of the second bridge, prepare to go to the other side and go back. But because I was wearing headphones while walking, I didn’t hear the “horn”, which caused me to turn and cross the bridge to block the way of an “uncle”. I didn’t hear him and didn’t give way. ; I don’t know if it’s because the uncle has a fierce face or something, I always feel that he “glances at me”, and then I “shut up again” behind me, my pace slows down, and I get distracted when I walk.

Passing through the “dancing” crowd, there are still so many people learning “dance” today. The five “lead dancers” were dressed differently from yesterday’s. Yesterday they wore “black tops and red short skirts”, and today they wore “black tops and blue short skirts”. As for whether there has been any change in the “dance”, I didn’t watch it, because I always speed up and leave here, and there are too many people and I’m not used to it.

Arriving at the “Zebra Crossing” intersection again, it is really troublesome to have no traffic lights here. I saw a big brother and several students in “red and black school uniforms” crossing the road. Although there were vehicles coming to play, some still gave way. When I saw this, I also felt that I was walking behind. It was a success. Arrived across the road.

Watching the “middle school students” cleaning the “falling ginkgo leaves” like yesterday, and feeling the slippery feeling of the soles stepping on the ginkgo leaves, a new day begins to cycle again. Sometimes I feel that the “pet dog” here is really happy, because the big brother changed the “bicycle basket” into a nest, the pet dog stayed in the “car basket”, and the owner took it for a walk on a bicycle , happiness, this dog. Of course, I also saw some other dogs that were fed like “fat tigers”, too fat, hahahahahaha! ! !

At the last traffic light intersection at the end of the journey, before I reached the intersection, you turned the green light. I had no choice but to run over again. In the last few seconds, I crossed the opposite road, and by the way, I was ready to test for nucleic acids.

There were seven or eight people queuing up for “nucleic acid” in front of me, and I was in the back. The test was pretty fast, and it was coming to me soon. But the embarrassing thing happened again. I couldn’t open the “Health Code” and the loading failed. I tried to switch to the “China Unicom Card”, but it still couldn’t be opened. ”, the result was still the same prompt, but I had no choice but to leave the team and go to another place to toss this problem.

I stood on the edge of the “square” by myself and tested the network problem of “two calling cards” back and forth, but I still couldn’t open the “health code”. I tried to turn off the “5G service” and “restart the phone” again, but the final result was that the “health code” could not be turned on. I tried again to see if I could open my blog address, and it was directly prompted that “loading failed”, I was immediately stunned, there would be no signal interference! ! ! Later, on a whim, I turned on the “VPN” proxy and tried it out. As a result, I successfully opened the “health code”. I was speechless, what’s the situation! ! !

The health code can be opened, I went to the queue again, and waited for the “scan code registration brother” to tell me that it was okay, but I was worried that the “VPN” problem would fail, so I asked again “Is it okay?” Say “Okay”, and I’ll “poke the throat”! Originally, the nucleic acid test only took a few minutes, but because of this network problem, I was tossed for “more than fifteen minutes”!!! There were no such problems when I came here to test nucleic acid a few times before, it’s so strange!

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