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I don’t know what happened recently, but a lot of mosquitoes appeared out of thin air. They fly around on the balcony, they fly around the room, I can’t beat them to death, it hurts to be bitten by them. Then, after seven o’clock in the morning, I continued to toss with the “blog avatar”, and this mosquito flew around in front of the screen and bit a “big bag” on my arm, which made me angry.

Forget the above, when I went to the bathroom for a “small solution”, I was bitten in an indescribable part. On the way back from breakfast at eight o’clock, I went to the small shop to buy a “lighter”, took out the “mosquito coils” that had been in place for several months, and lighted them up, to see if I didn’t smoke you damned.” Mosquito”.

I also ordered “mosquito incense” in the room, but it was “mosquito incense liquid”. The smell of mosquito incense liquid is safer than the kind of mosquito coils placed on the balcony, and the smell is better. I feel that the mosquito incense liquid in the room is the best choice. .

I have lit mosquito coils in the room and the small balcony outside. I should have killed them this time. ! ! If there are still, I will increase the dose, order three or four coils of mosquito coils, and make them doubt life!

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