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Although I fell asleep at eleven o’clock last night, I still didn’t sleep well, because the calf muscles caused by “jogging” were aching, which made me tossing and turning all night and couldn’t sleep well. In the second half of the night, I was always in a state of “light sleep”. “Dream” was done one after another, and the dreams kept alternating. Finally, I couldn’t stand it and forced myself to wake up from the dream. After waking up, I turned on the charging phone 📱, checked the time “it’s more than four o’clock in the morning”, hey, it’s not even six o’clock, I rubbed my sore calf, and I forced myself to fall asleep again.

At six o’clock, I woke up again. Lying on the bed and swiping Douyin, I looked at my mailbox📪, thinking about what to do, so I went to take out the “garbage”. On the way to take out the garbage, an uncle was loading “scrap” for the tricycle. When he saw me holding “plastic bottles and cardboard boxes”, he asked me to give it to him. Anyway, it was good to help others, so I gave it to the uncle. As for the others I still threw it in the trash can.

After throwing out the garbage and returning to the dormitory, I washed my hands and felt sleepy😪, so I continued to lie on the bed and closed my eyes to rest. It is said to be resting, except that the eyes are closed, and the mind is all “thinking about the things that are there”. After seven o’clock, I “opened my eyes” again. After 20 minutes of Douyin, I felt sleepy again, so I continued to close my eyes and rest. Until I opened my eyes at eight o’clock, I got up, brushed my teeth, washed my face, and prepared to have breakfast, and by the way, I would throw another garbage.

It’s still the familiar “fast food restaurant”, it’s still “peanut soup + fresh meat bun + tea egg”, and it’s still a walk around after breakfast to adjust your mood. On the way for a walk, I listened to the song and didn’t look at the road ahead. I accidentally brushed shoulders with a “big brother who was on the phone ☎”. I looked back at the “big brother”, who was looking at me angrily with his phone in his hand. I made a gesture with my left hand, which I thought was “sorry”, and said “sorry” in my mouth. I don’t know if he heard it or not. Finally, I looked at me again, and left the opposite direction on the phone.

I moved on again, but my heart was not very calm. I was most afraid of this happening, which would make me very anxious. I quickly opened the “Tik Tok Collection”, clicked “Luo Xiang Quotations”, when the voice inside came out: “Life is only a moment of joy, a moment of pain, the rest is nothingness of passing water and passing years…” At this time, I The anxious heart was calmed down a lot.

Walking alone on the road, I stopped at the intersection of traffic lights and let those drivers turn and pass first. I think such “details” can make them appreciate me, and I can also feel a little “self-righteous warmth”. After walking for a while, I recalled the mentality of “wishing shoulders with that big brother”, and I thought, “If I were that big brother, and I was on the phone and was bumped for no reason, I would definitely be very angry too😠,” Just “thinking about it in a different position” makes me feel a lot brighter in an instant.

Walking and walking, listening to songs along the way, while observing other people’s lives. I saw something heartwarming when I passed a small road under “construction”. The path that could have been passed by two people has become a “one-way street”, with an “uncle pulling a cement tricycle” and a “little brother riding an electric car” on the one-way street. When the uncle saw that the younger brother was about to pass, he quickly accelerated and pushed the “tricycle full of cement” to give way. The younger brother saw the uncle’s actions and finally said “thank you” to him. The uncle didn’t say anything. Brother returned a “sincere smile”. This scene touched my heart deeply, and sometimes I wished, “How wonderful the world is!” Unfortunately, I can only think about it.

In the second half of the journey, I watched a “Douyin video” that I had collected before, and the content of the video said: “There is such a passage in the book “Blooming Flowers”, when you put aside your prejudice and pretense, you are not Anxiety and needs, your heart is really open…” I kept playing this video over and over again, and I felt that a lot of what was said in it was right, such as: “All these unpleasant things, you put them in front of death, You can be tolerant, you can explain it, you can get through it, and you won’t be so rude.” I feel it really makes sense, and I’m going to buy a copy of “Blooming Flowers” and have a look. I hope Allow yourself to adjust and be happy.

In the end, he still returned to the dormitory “wet” all over. Although I am very concerned about sweating all over my body, I am also trying to reduce this problem and ignore it, so that I can barely make myself happy. I remembered what “Brother Fan” said to me one day: “Everyone is different, don’t compare yourself with others, and don’t belittle yourself.”

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