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After the previous “multi-grain and multigrain vermicelli” was finished, there was only “whole wheat vermicelli” left in the dormitory. I thought this “whole wheat vermicelli” vermicelli should taste good, but it turned out to be “really unpalatable”.

I ate this “whole wheat vermicelli” for two days. The cooking method is the same as that of “multi-grain vermicelli”, but the taste and texture of the cooked noodles are much worse. Moreover, the soup cooked from this noodle is very “sticky” and easy to stick to the bottom of the pot, and the boiled soup also has a “sticky taste”. I ate it for two days, and gave up cooking this noodles today, and decided to go to a nearby “fast food” today.

In the past few days, the EMO routine has become abnormal again, and the exercise has been reduced. The previous recovery has become the same as before. And today I found that my urine was “extra yellow”, it was “light yellow” before, ε=(´ο`*))) Alas, as expected, the emotional and psychological pressure has been fed back to the body.

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