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Just now I was “playing with the computer” in my room when I suddenly heard a “knock on the door”. I thought it was “friend B” who was doing the nucleic acid test in front of me. I forgot to bring the key and couldn’t open the door. I quickly went out of the room and gave it to him. Open the door.

When I opened the door, I didn’t see the familiar face “Friend B”, but a “grandmother with gray hair”, I was immediately stunned, who is this? Could it be the old lady that “Friend B” knew? When the old lady saw me, she said a lot of “I can’t understand” to me. I also vaguely heard what was said: “That company’s old Chen xxx and xxx are very familiar, why are you not familiar with xxx building xxx”, in short, I listened to this roughly, and the whole process I was like “Well, oh, that’s right. , from other provinces,” and so on, to deal with it.

While coping with it like this, “Friend B” came back with a takeaway after the nucleic acid test. Seeing me and an old lady at the door, it seemed to be quite dazed. I didn’t know what was going on. I thought “Friend B” knew her, but judging from the follow-up reaction of “Friend B”, he didn’t know this person either. “Friend B” asked me who this is? I said I didn’t know each other either. I thought you were going to open the door for you without the key, but it turned out to be this old lady.

I whispered to “Friend B”: “This old lady may be a little Alzheimer’s”. Friend B also walked into the living room with a bewildered look on his face, but the most speechless thing happened, this “unknown old lady” also followed into the living room, and expressed that he wanted to find a stool to sit on, I was speechless for a while😶, don’t Doing things, at such an old age, I’m afraid there will be an emergency. Friend B was also speechless for a while, what’s the situation, this old lady, the key is not known, how to deal with it. Maybe God couldn’t stand it anymore, and a “strong wind” blew up and forced the door of friend B’s room shut with a bang. The old lady” was frightened and thought what was going on, so she didn’t plan to sit in the living room, so she went outside.

When I walked to the door outside, I said something to the “stairs and a plastic pipe”: “It’s not easy to get in the water xxx”, and then I dealt with it casually. Finally, I closed the door and the old lady left by herself. As soon as the old lady left, I was “relieved”. If something happened, I couldn’t bear it, especially the old lady I didn’t know.

After chatting with “friend B” again, he said that he didn’t know the old lady, even the old lady next door, and he also said that he listened to everything the “old lady” said. don’t know. I said, “It’s probably Alzheimer’s, and then I wandered around to our floor.” I thought to myself, “It’s probably the old grandmother who lives on the nearby floor.” of.

Anyway, after being tossed like this, I suddenly felt no “sense of security”, because I am a person who is “afraid of outside interference”, especially since I have not been here for a long time, I am not very familiar with it. I’ve made up my mind, next time anyone knocks on the door, I won’t open the door, let’s do it o(╥﹏╥)o.

I am so hard! I am so hard! I am so hard! Just doing it like this, I need to “write a dynamic comment and vent my inner uneasiness”. Ah ah ah! ! How can you live like this! ! too tired! !

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