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At noon, I was ready to go to the second sister’s dormitory. Yesterday, because some things were not allowed to be taken by the subway, I didn’t take them there, so today I’m going to take the bus there. To be honest, I have been staying for so long. I basically take the subway outside the island, but I have never taken the bus.

I opened the “Gode Map”, checked the bus route to the outside of the island, and found that there is a bus to the outside of the island at the nearby “bus stop”, and you only need to take “two stops” to get to the outside of the island, of course, when the time comes It takes 20 to 30 minutes to walk to the second sister’s dormitory. I haven’t been able to find this route before. First, I basically take the subway out of the island. Second, I have basically never taken the bus in this direction.

After waiting for seven or eight minutes for the bus to arrive, I saw that the seats on the bus were quite empty. When I got on the bus and swiped my card, I saw the “Miss” in front of me swiped the card twice. I wondered if it was “out of the island” two yuan? I followed it twice. When I got on the bus and looked for a seat, there were so many empty seats, and I didn’t know how to choose the seat behind the young lady. The car drove for a few minutes, and the lady changed from the window seat on the left to the window seat on the right. I was entangled in my heart😫My question? Think about it decisively, the left side is now “the sun ☀ is too bright”, the young lady is afraid of the sun and changed to the position on the right side where there is no sun.

This bus is really fast. After passing an island bus stop🚉, I went directly to the cross-sea bridge. The first stop after getting off the bridge was my destination. After getting off the bus, I looked at the map again. I need to cross the overpass and take the bus for two stops. After crossing the overpass, the bus came after three minutes of waiting, and after two more stops, we started a twenty or thirty minute walk. I originally wanted to cycle faster, but considering that the sun is too big and sweating is easy, let’s walk and exercise.

When she arrived at the second sister’s dormitory, the second sister was still chasing dramas. She asked me if I had lunch and what would I like to eat? Eat noodles or just drink milk tea and sit there to rest? I said I would cook the noodles myself, but the second sister said that there were no side dishes, so I said I would go to the nearby supermarket to buy it. I went to the supermarket and just bought some: “lettuce, tofu, fungus, duck blood, cabbage 🥬” and came back.

Looking at the familiar and unfamiliar “kitchen”, this is my “first time” to enter here this year. Thinking about last year, it was my “noodle cooking base camp”, and I never came in again after breaking up with “eldest sister”.

I was messing around in it all by myself, and I was not used to it. The second sister couldn’t stand it anymore, and said she was the one who helped me cook. I didn’t try to be brave, so I let the second sister cook the noodles, and I sat on the sofa and swiped Douyin.

Originally, I wanted the second sister to add some “pepper powder”, but the second sister said that the “Youxi red wine” was already very fragrant, so I was not asking for anything. After the second sister noodles were cooked, let me try the taste. I took a sip and felt that the taste was too bland, so I added a spoonful of salt; after another sip, I felt it was almost tasteless, I poured a little white vinegar, and it was barely ok.

What I didn’t expect was that the second sister cut the tofu in half, half cooked noodles and half fried tofu. After the fried tofu, a dish was also fried with cabbage 🥬. I just eat slowly by myself, the second sister doesn’t eat it. In the end, I didn’t eat it all, and there was some duck blood left. There is no way, there is too much soup to support the stomach.

After a few minutes of rest, my second sister asked me if I wanted to drink “milk tea” or “fruit bucket”. I wanted to refuse, but I couldn’t control my mouth👄, I still said “fruit bucket”, it’s all fruit that shouldn’t eat fat.

After waiting for another 20 minutes, the delivery guy brought it downstairs, and I went downstairs to get it. Two servings of “fruit buckets”, it seems that the ingredients are quite sufficient. The second sister hasn’t drank it yet, so I drank half of it. The second sister said that I drank too fast, and I said that my mouth was thirsty and there was nothing I could do.

I wanted to lie down after eating and drinking, I wanted to fall asleep lying on the sofa, but let’s write a dynamic, by the way, I wrote “more than an hour” haha, it’s too difficult!


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