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These two things make me feel uncomfortable, and I really can’t do it without complaining.

1st: Damn Mosquitoes

Although I ordered mosquito coils on the balcony in the morning, when I was cooking noodles at noon, I saw that there were still many mosquitoes, but the mosquitoes were hiding in some dark corners, maybe they were hidden by the mosquito coils. Originally, I thought this matter was over, but I was very wrong. These mosquitoes all went to the “toilet”, which made me feel uncomfortable when I went to the toilet in the afternoon and was “bitten” by all kinds of “itchy” thieves. I thought it shouldn’t be so itchy after taking a shower, but it turns out I was wrong again, and I still feel “extremely itchy” all over my body. pat” and “scratch”, and watching the mosquitoes flying around in front of me, I blanch.

After taking a bath in the middle, I also immediately ordered mosquito coils in the “bathroom”, and continued to light mosquito coils in the “balcony”. Let’s talk about the results, the mosquitoes do feel a little less, but I feel like I’m about to be “smoked to death”, it’s all the smell of “mosquito coils”, and I can’t breathe!

After five o’clock, I got up and opened the window to ventilate, and then I found a thing, these mosquitoes were concentrated near the “sauerkraut brought from my hometown”. I waved “Wow” with my hand, and eight or nine mosquitoes that were visible to the naked eye flew up. I wondered whether it was the “sauerkraut” that caused the mosquitoes to appear. I thought again that it was possible, because “Second Sister” told me : “The sauerkraut has to be opened or the sauerkraut will be easily damaged”, so my sauerkraut box is not covered, and the “sourness” of sauerkraut attracts mosquitoes? The more I think about it, the more likely it is! So this also explains why there are a lot of mosquitoes in the “room and balcony”, because in the morning the “sauerkraut box (uncovered)” is placed outside for ventilation, and in the afternoon, the “sauerkraut box (uncovered)” is brought into the room to blow air conditioners.

After some thought, no matter if your sauerkraut is not easy to break, I will try to put the lid on first to see if there will be many mosquitoes, otherwise I will be bitten to death by mosquitoes! !

2nd: Strange People

Last night I received a reply from a comment on the “Just Snake” blog: “Ye, please contact me 😠😠😠😠😠”. I feel very strange who replied to me, click on the link to check the person who replied to me, but because the “JS.nake” comment setting has not passed the review, so I don’t know who replied to me, so I don’t care. This email is answered.

In the afternoon, I received a comment reply from the “Xiao Zhao” blog: “Give me WeChat Ye Kaizhen”, I was curious who it was, I clicked the link to jump and saw an ID with the same content as the comment “Give me WeChat Ye Kaizhen”, I was instantly speechless, what the hell, I didn’t provoke anyone, did I? And the expression of the match is “angry”, and I don’t care because it is better to have less than one more thing.

Then I received another email named “shoufu”, the content was: “It’s so hard to find you.” After seeing this email, I had a guess in my heart that the emails from last night to the afternoon should be from this person. Post it. I then replied: “Big guy! Ask me for technical problems, and I won’t know”, and then I received his reply: “No, I found a program to write Weiyu and talk on github for a long time yesterday, Then I found your program, I really like it”, I finally understood why he was looking for me, and I sent him another reply: “If you need the comment area of ​​the template buckle, just directly Just use Typecho to change it, the same effect program is for your own use, I don’t provide it, sorry”, and then ignored him again. To be honest, I felt as if I had been offended, and I just didn’t know what to say. Especially the reply he gave me on “Xiao Zhao” made it difficult for me to accept it. I felt that he was very rude. Later, I also contacted “Xiao Zhao” and asked him to help delete the “reply”. Maybe “shoufu” was not malicious, or maybe he was too eager to find me, but he triggered my “high sensitivity”.

My “mind” has been in a state of “high sensitivity” lately. As long as “my name” is mentioned, I feel like “did I do something wrong? It makes people feel uncomfortable or look at me,” and then my mind keeps going back and forth. Thinking about this matter (internal friction) is very uncomfortable😣, so when the above “that shoufu” “find me and reply to me” has deeply triggered “my highly sensitive mind”, I don’t want to care about him now, ε= (´ο`*))) Alas.

The day before yesterday, I also joined the QQ group established by “Double Brother”, and then someone in the group posted “Ye Jiankai” for many times, and finally I felt very uncomfortable 😣 and left the group. Later, I had a private chat with the dumb brother, and the dumb brother said to me: “I know this person well, and he talks like that.” My first reaction after hearing it was “It’s not that he has an opinion on me, That’s great.” I felt a lot more comfortable after that.

ps: My blog is where I “vent my emotions”. If I offend “everyone”, please forgive me, and please don’t “oral xxx” to me on other platforms or QQ groups. Thank you, good people live a safe life!

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