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I feel like I’m going crazy, struggling with this and that. I want to control everything, but I often fail to do it, and I fall into infinite entanglement😫. Today, I have been entangled in one thing, and I have just been entangled in another thing, headache, headache, uncomfortable 😣. I hurriedly wrote the news slowly, otherwise I would really be too stressed and insomnia. I haven’t slept well for several days😭.

At five o’clock, the second sister reminded me that the nucleic acid had not been done, and I really forgot about it. I asked my second sister if there was a “nucleic acid test” nearby, and the second sister said she didn’t know, she had all the nucleic acid tests done near her workplace. There is no way but to open the “xxx official account” official account to view the nearby detection points.

In the official account, all detection points in this area are listed. I clicked to view the location, a map appeared, and if I wanted to navigate there, I was prompted to download “Baidu Maps”. I downloaded the Baidu map, and it showed the “nearest nucleic acid detection point”. I followed the navigation. When I saw the place, I was speechless. It used to be the “nucleic acid detection point”, but now everyone has torn it down.

No way, I followed the recommendation of “Baidu Map” to go to the next “nucleic acid detection point”, which took 45 minutes to walk. I followed the map for a while, and received a WeChat message from my second sister, she said that there is a place that is closer to take the subway. I think too, it takes too long to walk here, let’s change place.

When I went to another nucleic acid testing site, I no longer believed in the “nucleic acid testing site” of “Baidu Map”. I reopened the “xxx official account” and took a look, and there is no nucleic acid testing point recommended by Baidu in the list. In the list of public accounts, I looked for a “nucleic acid testing point” near the street here. After spending a little time searching, I found a nucleic acid testing site, and it only took me ten minutes to walk there. I didn’t need to go that far at all, and the second sister’s dormitory was nearby.

I showed the “green code” and the staff let me in. When the staff gave me “scan code registration”, I was speechless. I showed him the “health code” to scan the code for registration, and he kept shaking his head there. I don’t know if the registration was successful or not, and I couldn’t see the reminder of his physical movements, so I could only feel that he was registered. . When I walked to the window, the staff just stabbed and almost vomited again. It was uncomfortable.

After the “nucleic acid” test, I have been struggling with whether the “staff” has successfully registered. Logically speaking, “I can’t have nucleic acid if the registration is successful”, so I can only comfort myself like this. But it’s useless to comfort me like that, it’s just that “special fuck” cares about “whether the staff has registered me!!!”

I went back to the “Second Sister’s Dormitory” with this emotion, only to find out that “Second Sister” went to the vegetable market to buy vegetables, and I couldn’t get in without the key 🚪. I sent a message to the second sister. The second sister told me to wait for her at the door. I wondered how long it would take to wait. I asked which market she was in, and I rushed over.

On the way to the vegetable market, an “outrageous thing” happened, I was hit by a “baby car”! ! I was listening to music with headphones on, and I was walking fine when I was hit by something. I looked back and saw a child riding a “child’s car” and crashed into the “van 🚐 tail” and hit me. I glanced at the “kid”, he looked at me “innocent and sad”, I looked at the “slope” behind him again, you are not braking or turning, right, I will go that way Side, such a wide road, you can hit me! ! ! I ignored the little boy and went straight to the vegetable market, which didn’t hurt anything anyway.

I went to the vegetable market to look for “Second Sister”, and then I heard a voice call me to stop. I saw it was “Second Sister”, she was buying “seafood” at the stall at the intersection. I immediately complained to “Second Sister” about “that nucleic acid registration staff matter”. The second sister said not to worry about this matter, but I just struggled with this matter.

The “listless” person in the back carried the vegetables bought by the second sister, and accompanied the second sister to buy “luwei, flat meat” or something. Finally, I came back and complained about the “nucleic acid registration thing” all the way. The second sister impatiently said that she has never been so entangled, and advised me not to be so entangled in one thing 🆙.

The second sister went to the kitchen to cook, and I was sitting on the sofa by myself “unhappy”. I felt uncomfortable! I am confused! I’m going crazy! ! ! In the end, I can only “write the dynamic” to complain to relieve the psychological pressure. Of course, it has eased a lot now 😭.


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