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It started to rain in the afternoon🌧, and the weather forecast said it was “thunderstorm⛈”. But I felt that it was not big at all, so I opened the closed window a little to ventilate the room.

After two o’clock, I was lying on the bed shopping “Xianyu”, wanting to buy something. But I, who chose entanglement, have been entangled😫 not knowing which one is better, and finally entangled until three o’clock 🕒, I was exhausted and sleepy all afternoon.

It was still raining at 5:00 🕔. I didn’t go out, maybe because I didn’t want to go out.

I felt very hungry, so I cooked dinner, two 🌽 corn. After the previous experience, this time I cook corn more calmly. I wanted to put the corn leaves directly into the pot with cold water, but he told me that I had better wash them because I was afraid the inside would not be clean. I really didn’t expect this, so I quickly washed it again, put the corn 🌽 in cold water, and finally turned on the gas and boiled it.

This time I also cooked for half an hour, and I also added “salt” in the middle. After that, I cooked it on low heat for ten minutes and then turned off the heat.

I have to say, ten yuan and six corns are really worth it, and it tastes very sweet, but it’s a little bit filling, haha ​​😄.

ps: The first picture is lunch.


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