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The emotional collapse was only for a moment. I was in a good mood. I came to the beach alone, blowing the wind 🌬, eating bananas 🍌, drinking milk 🥛, listening to Netease Cloud Music 🎶, surfing the QQ group, and enjoying the “peace” from the heart , and then a voice call ☎ broke the “silence” of this surface.

I haven’t answered the phone for a long time☎, I set my phone📱 to airplane mode, and only enabled a “logistics card that can access the Internet, receive text messages💬, and cannot answer calls”. When I heard the voice of the phone (the same is true for WeChat voice calls), I was subconsciously irritable. If it was a call from a “relative”, I would be “irritable and anxious”.

This WeChat voice call☎ was called by my “father”. Of course, I didn’t answer it. My dad asked me why I didn’t answer it, and I just said that no one would answer the call. I just let my dad type, I really don’t want to answer the phone ☎.

My dad said that he was coming to “Xiamen” to play. I had never been to Xiamen, so I was “overwhelmed” 😱, to tell the truth, I have never brought my “parents” to play in that city (I was scared). First, I don’t know how to take it and where to play. Second, I have always been wandering around alone (social fear), and third, I have a lot of psychological pressure (thinking about a lot of things is uncomfortable).

In short, as soon as I hear something related to my hometown, I am directly “anxious”, and then I think about it every day, and I feel like I have “shackles” on my body when I do anything, hey… In short, just leave me alone, don’t hear it Anything related to my family is fine with me.

Maybe my future will be “old age alone”, just like my only “grandfather” passed away last month, I dare not go home, because I’m afraid they will “call me xxx”, my second sister asked me to go back, I didn’t Back, and finally “eldest sister/second sister” back. Hey…

Maybe if I leave the city and stay in a different environment, I will be much better.

Forget it… let’s not talk about it🙊, I will be “scolded” again by the time. Although the comments are closed, I still feel that “someone is scolding me”. Hey…back off the bike.


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