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In the afternoon, I was still bitten by “mosquitoes”, and I still cancelled my nap. I was dismayed, went to the “bathroom and balcony” and ordered two plates of “mosquito coils” to smoke them (not worth it). But the result is two-way, I am also uncomfortable with the smell 😣, and my head always feels bloated.

At six o’clock, I ate a packet of “oatmeal” and an “apple 🍎”, and I was ready to go out for a breath of fresh air after eating. When choosing a destination, I opened the “Tencent Map” and took a look at the “Controlled Area” and the “Coronavirus Patient Trajectory Map” to see which places are best not to go. Then I saw that there is now a “control area” near a place I visited some time ago, so don’t go there.

I rode the “shared bicycle” to the opposite route, which I hadn’t ridden for a long time. Riding a bicycle along the way🚲 In addition to needing to “pay attention to safety”, I will also be distracted by “thinking a lot of things in my mind”, and the “scattered thoughts” before are all clear with the “rhythm of the bicycle”. I originally thought that I would ride a lap of “20 kilometers” this evening, but in the middle of the ride, some things became more and more tangled😖, and now I want to deal with it immediately, so I turned around and went back to the dormitory. Going to get this sorted out tonight.

After arriving at the dormitory, I found a very embarrassing thing, my pants 👖 were wet. I only found out when I took off my pants in the dormitory, and now I recall that I was walking on the road with “soggy pants”, and I directly “socially died”. Hey… Every time I exercise, I still have to buy “black” pants.

I dried my body with a towel, changed into clean clothes, and packed up my “things and clothes”. With two bags in hand, I went to take the subway 🚇 to find my second sister. The second sister told me that it just so happened that she left work early today, so I went over to her home. If the eldest sister is at home, I am sorry to disturb you.

When I got to the second sister’s dormitory, the second sister was still watching the drama. I put my things away, explained some things, and told her, “Put my clothes in the washing machine and wash them, and I will come and get them when I arrive.” After I explained it, the second sister asked me if I had eaten. I said no, and she said she didn’t eat either. Do you want to go out to eat? I said OK, no problem. It was a little embarrassing. The second sister asked me: “Newly opened noodle restaurant 🍜, barbecue, lo-mei, stir-fry, which one to choose?” I told the second sister that it was optional, but the second sister became entangled, and finally we chose to go” The newly opened noodle shop” eat noodles.

This store is newly opened, the decoration is not bad, but the store is a little small, I feel that it is the upper limit for 11 or 2 people at the same time. I ordered “Beef Knife Noodles” and my second sister ordered “Potato Fried Noodles”. When I ate them, I felt that this restaurant was a bit strange. The menu was very “Halal”. “Ah, and there is no “Halal logo” in the store, I feel like I’ve eaten “Lanzhou Ramen” so many times and suddenly I’m not used to it, hahaha! !

At the end of the checkout, “32 yuan” was the money paid by the second sister. At the end of the store, the second sister asked me some things and then went back to the dormitory. I was entangled in the fact that I shouldn’t eat noodles at night, I was easy to gain weight, but I couldn’t control my mouth, so I could only choose to ride a “shared bicycle” back to digest the calories.

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