Autonomous Agent

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After the last article was written, this topic has become more popular. There have been a lot of related papers and applications such as Self-hearing Code, BabyGPT, AutoGPT, OpenGPT, and Generative Agents.

I have to do another summary. . .

As mentioned above, since AI started to use tools, the next milestone is autonomy, which is also the first step towards freedom from the control of carbon-based life for AI. . .

I believe everyone must be familiar with the word Autonomous. In the last cycle, I was most interested in the composability of DeFi and the autonomous organization of DAO.

However, in this cycle, composability has already been captured by ChatGPT (even Uniswap has done it – wallet), and now even Autonomous will be captured by them. . .

Self-healing Code


Generative Agents

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