Baidu Maps Announces Switching to Priority to Using the Domestic Beidou System for Positioning


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Pinwan, September 30, according to IT House, Baidu Maps recently released the latest progress in the application of the Beidou satellite navigation system, and the daily positioning volume of Beidou satellites exceeded 100 billion times for the first time.

Baidu Maps announced today that it has officially switched to using the Beidou system for positioning, and the “Baidu Map Intelligent Positioning Open Service” has been upgraded and renamed “Baidu Map Beidou Positioning Open Platform”. In addition to map navigation, the Baidu Map Beidou positioning open platform has also served more than 2.55 million developers in thousands of industries, including automobiles, travel, finance, logistics, tourism, Internet of Things, Internet, and life services. With the technical capabilities of the Beidou system, the data security and reliability of Baidu Maps have been further improved.

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