Basic Semiconductor completes hundreds of millions of C+ rounds of financing

Basic Semiconductor is a silicon carbide power device manufacturer. Its core products include silicon carbide diodes and MOSFET chips, automotive-grade silicon carbide power modules, silicon carbide driver chips, etc. The products have the advantages of low loss and high frequency, and can be used in electric vehicles, Rail transit, photovoltaic inverter, aerospace and other application fields. Recently, Basic Semiconductor completed a C+ round of financing of hundreds of millions of yuan, which was jointly invested by institutions such as Dezaihou Capital, Guohua Investment, and New Heights. This round of financing will be used to further strengthen the R&D and manufacturing capabilities of key links in the silicon carbide industry chain, increase production capacity, support the large-scale application of silicon carbide products in new energy vehicles, photovoltaic energy storage and other markets, and improve the use of basic semiconductors in silicon carbide power semiconductors. the core competitiveness of the industry.

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