battle between tiger and buffalo

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Coming back to art, Henri Rousseau’s work depicting wild animals and tropical jungles might lead you to think of him as a complete adventurer. But Rousseau never left France, and he drew inspiration from visits to the botanical gardens and travel books he read. He puts the imaginary scene of a tiger attacking a buffalo in a fantastic jungle setting where botanical accuracy doesn’t matter (note the banana growing upside down). In this painting, chiseled greenhouse plants are magnified to horrific proportions. Rousseau was working on the painting in December 1907 while he was in prison for fraud. Officials granted him an early release from prison in order to exhibit the work at the Indépendants Salon. In March 1908, this important work – one of the artist’s largest and most important works – appeared at the Salon.

This piece comes from the Cleveland Museum of Art , an open source institution, which means you can remix, share, and reuse these public domain images. We love their inclusivity!

Side note: See Rousseau’s Best Collection of the Jungle . <3

170 x 189.5 cm

Naïve art

Cleveland Museum of Art

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