Blogs publish content faster than books, and it’s free!

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I love reading blogs, especially blogs written by independent bloggers who have a hobby, and blogs are a great source of inspiration . For example, when I read the article “Big Data Is Dead” , I learned that by separating storage and computing, big data ceased to exist as a single problem, and became two problems of massive storage and large computing , and these two Each of the problems can be solved by independent expansion.

I like blogging very much, because blogging can promote people’s thinking . If I go to work every day, if I don’t have the habit of blogging, I will easily be overwhelmed by work, and it is difficult to record my thinking at work.

Blogs publish content faster than books, and for free ! Some fields change so quickly that blogs are sometimes the only source of information until someone writes a book. People are already blogging the day after the Stable diffusion model, books will never be that fast. Books and papers are locked behind the paywall, and the self-media economy produces a lot of junk books. Buying books is like smoking a blind box.

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