Bouquet of flowers

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Clara Peeters is a founder of the history of European still life painting, a genre that attracted many female artists who did not have the opportunity to study nude models. In this ambitious piece, Peters pays close attention to naturalistic details such as dewdrops, insect bites and drooping tulips that suggest ephemerality and decay. At the same time, she marked her achievement by carving her own signature on the stone wall, juxtaposed with a fallen twig of forget-me-nots. The sharp edges and keen observations of her work reveal the close connection between flower painting and botanical illustration during the Scientific Revolution.

Clara Peters was one of the few women in 17th-century Europe to work as a professional artist, although women’s artistic training and membership in guilds were restricted. If you want to learn more about such artists, check out our 50 Postcard Set for Women Artists .

PS Clara Pieters was one of the most important female artists of the Dutch Golden Age – yes, you read that right, there were a lot of them!

46 × 32 cm

Metropolitan Museum of Art

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