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  • The thief broke into the house, thinking that there was no one at home, but the owner suddenly returned home, and the thief was frightened to death, maybe the owner would be convicted;
  • It was this thief who knew that there were people in the house, so he killed the people in the house and claimed that he was the owner of the house;
  • Some people disagree: why do you say this house is the thief’s own? The thief made a high-profile claim: Well, the original owner of this house, please raise your hand, and the dead person please raise your hand to prove it! Since there is no proof, the thief proves that he is the owner of the house;
  • At this time, the relatives of the original owner of the house decided to take back the property and wanted the thief to get out of the house. The thief was very angry and shouted downstairs with a loudspeaker: Someone broke into my house illegally! Look! Someone is breaking into my house! I have decided to exercise the right of self-defense;
  • The thief killed the intruding relative, someone accused the thief, and the thief threatened the other party: This is my fucking housework, don’t interfere!
  • Someone planned to persuade the thief to move out of the house, but the thief changed his tone of dissatisfaction: let me move out? I have no place to live since I moved. Will you let me live in your house? You can’t deprive me of my right to live just because you have a house!
  • Not long after, people came to investigate the ownership of this house, and the surrounding residents waved their hands to avoid the question: whose house is now, it has nothing to do with us, it has nothing to do with us.

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