“Change Your Clothes, Change Your Life” Book Summary

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George Brescia

  • “What does it indicate?” is my classic question. I hope you ask yourself when you put on every piece of clothing.
  • If you want to tear your own image to shreds, you have to remember that you are not looking to see the perfect self, there is no perfect thing in the world. Your goal is to pursue harmony, and harmony can be attained by everyone. You need to recognize your strengths and weaknesses, and that recognition will ultimately pay off handsomely as you know how to highlight your strengths and cover up your weaknesses.
  • Loose, droopy clothes (rather than elegant, flowing clothes) conjure up the question: “What is she hiding?” Clothes that are too small can look fat and send the message that you may not fully understand your size.
  • Apple and plus size. Those women who are apple-shaped and plus-size must, must, must wear clothes that pull in the waist. Tie a belt, tuck your clothes in your pants, or choose clothes with clear lines that naturally shape your waistline.
  • Curly hair can make you look friendly and approachable. I absolutely adore girls with naturally curly hair who are naturally well-founded. If you desire sexy, beautiful, then choose perm. Long hair is beautiful, but takes a lot of effort to manage. The meatball head looks youthful and beautiful, but it is sometimes reminiscent of the staff at the library information desk.
  • A 10-point outfit matches your body shape and accentuates your strengths while hiding your problem areas. Clothes on a 10 point include one or more colors that make you look good, healthy, highlight your eyes, and suit your hair color; a 10 point clothing is always in its best condition, and the fabric looks good Look new and fresh; 10 points are the ones that get you the most compliments. (Pay attention to those compliments. Those compliments are one of the most immediate clues to how people perceive your clothes. They are visual locators that tell you when you’re going in the right direction and when you’re going in the wrong direction.)
  • You have to sift through your wardrobe piece by piece, from jeans to T-shirts, skirts to hats, shoes to belts, bags and jewelry. All body clothing is subject to strict scrutiny. So, it doesn’t really matter where you start, left to right, or right to left, whatever you want. If you have sorted your clothes by season, you can filter only the clothes of the current season and filter the rest of the clothes next time. I recommend this approach, so that your fashion list doesn’t feel like a rag bag lying on the sidelines, forgotten all season long, and you don’t lose the motivation and urgency that comes with cleaning out your closet.
  • If you have sorted your clothes by season, you can filter only the clothes of the current season and filter the rest of the clothes next time. I recommend you take this approach so that your fashion list doesn’t feel like a rag bag sitting on the sidelines and being forgotten all season long,
  • 1. The clothes should fit. This one is very basic and very important. If a piece of clothing doesn’t fit, either throw it away or take it and change it, I mean if it’s worth changing.
  • You should love your body and the clothes you wear, it’s the best way to look good. Month-to-month ups and downs aside, the clothes in your closet that need to gain weight or lose weight are just a disservice to your life and your psyche.
  • 2. Clothes should highlight your characteristics. It’s not enough to just fit the clothes, it must also (and I keep emphasizing this) do a little bit of good for your body and your face. First, is the color appropriate? Are your eyes protruding?
  • If your style hasn’t changed in the past ten, fifteen or even twenty years, then you need to reassess your life, what I call a life stage assessment.
  • Pleated pants, especially casual pants, should all be gone from this world! At the very least, only the slender and most stylish men can wear them.

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