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title: Surprise changes or just a moment in daily life
date: 2023-07-18
tags: [reading, cards]
description: Nothing is difficult in the world, only a stupid way.

Many people think that a person’s major and surprising changes often require the stimulation of a shocking turning point, but I am just the opposite.

I will not talk about the significance of a certain person or place to me. In fact, there may be a certain thing that has had an impact on my personal intelligence and mentality.

Most of my big changes or decisions come in the early morning or afternoon of a normal day after day.

I was sitting in a 10-square-meter room on the 14th floor of an ordinary small county town as usual, with a slight wind blowing from a fan at the bay window, the occasional sound of wall punching from the north window on the left, and sporadic car horns.

Most of the time, when no one talks to me, I will stand up and look at the school outside the window, the dense houses, the rolling mountains in the distance, the sky and clouds are rolling and changing, and then I will go to the balcony to collect clothes, or go to the kitchen to make a cup of tea drink.

For more than ten years, my wallet has been engraved with four words – the unity of knowledge and action. Because I know it is difficult to do it, I want to remind myself from time to time, but I didn’t expect that with the popularity of mobile payment, there are fewer and fewer opportunities to use wallets, and there are more and more things that require the unity of knowledge and action.

Things that can be done in three to five minutes, I tend to do it now. The difficulty is that things that can’t be done right away will continue to hover in the airspace of my brain. I can only write them down on a card one by one, and then finish it over time. The problem lies in this Waiting or pending, will make things subtly change.

Some things are like water droplets, if they continue to float in the air, they feel that they are not so important and disappear. Some things will continue to brew, just like planting a seed, which will take root and sprout sooner or later.

The moment when an idea takes root, mostly in obscurity, but eventually bursts through the cortex, and I feel the trigger doesn’t have to be memorable.

As I mentioned above, it only happened in an unremarkable morning or afternoon. The triggering scene may be that I read a certain sentence, maybe I heard half of the lyrics, or I saw a picture, There are no waves on the surface, but the heart seems to be rolling with lightning, and I feel that the time is ripe, and I am determined to do it, without shouting or announcing to the world.

So the next day, I might suddenly change myself and do some incredible things, don’t panic, it’s just the practice of my experimental thinking, it’s just an active attempt in daily life,

By the time outsiders witness your amazing changes, your heart is already plain.

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