Children take free school buses to school every day (British junior high school)

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Time flies so fast, and my eldest child is already 11 years old. I still remember when he was in elementary school , it feels like it was only a short time ago.

I started going to junior high school in September this year. I went to the junior high school in the next village. At the beginning of the year, I asked my son to take the exam to the best private school in Cambridge (private school – the best in terms of academics/academics) – Perse. Unfortunately, he was not strong enough. Otherwise, it will be too difficult and you will not pass the exam.

One year before my son graduated from elementary school, our parents had to fill out the application form for our son on the government website, and put the place he wanted to go to, Chesterton Community School/College, as his first choice, because most of his classmates and friends went to Chesterton. Unfortunately, the UK also I was admitted to my second choice, and I was a little sad. If I went to this school, I would have trouble picking up and dropping off every day. It would take me 20 minutes more to do one thing, and the school dismissal time would conflict with my second choice.

However, the junior high school is close to home, in the next village, and there is a free school bus. It waits at the door at 8:15 in the morning. It takes about 3:45 to get home from home in the afternoon. The school bus takes less than 20 minutes from home to school.

The school bus is free and you need to apply for it on the government website. It arrived in August and is valid for one year. You have to apply for it every year. It costs 20 pounds to replace it if it is lost.

It is indeed convenient for us that the baby takes the school bus. One thing is missing, and it is a sign that the baby is independent for the first time. We got him a mobile phone and SIM card, and asked him to send text messages when he takes the school bus to school. Peace. Gradually, the baby is getting older. I hope that the baby will be bigger, but at the same time, I also hope that the baby will not grow up so quickly.

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On the first day of my child’s junior high school, I walk to the bus stop to take the school bus.

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There are two school bus stops near my home, and I walked to the farther one on the first day.

2023-09-06-08.13.59-scaled 孩子每天坐免费校车上学(英国初中) 生活 育儿 资讯

After walking for 5 minutes, I saw the school bus and quickly asked my child to run over.

2023-09-06-08.14.17-scaled 孩子每天坐免费校车上学(英国初中) 生活 育儿 资讯

The school bus left immediately. The next day, I found out that the next stop was 8:15, not this stop.

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Children take free school buses to school every day (British junior high school) . ( AMP mobile accelerated version )

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