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I recently sorted out the animations in the hard disk, and found clannad, and re-watched it with the idea of ​​killing my spare time. The last time I watched this animation was when I was in high school. At that time, watching this animation did not resonate too much. Whether it was the ordinary campus love harem in the early stage, or the death of Nagisa and Xio in the later stage, it did not arouse too much sympathy. Rewatching this time is like watching other old TV dramas. After more experiences, details that were once incomprehensible and neglected gradually emerged before my eyes, which made me really like this animation.



In 2014, although clannad had been on the air for several years, it was the first time I saw it. Because my generation just had a mobile phone at that time, it was easier to access the Internet at any time, so I started to understand Japanese animation that I had no way to see before. At that time, this animation was called “tear-jerking masterpiece”, “writing CL, reading life” and so on, which was a bit like the second disease. My generation also went to watch it because of its reputation. Maybe it was because the expectations were too high, or it was too simple. I didn’t have much feeling for animation. Time flies, I have been working for several years, and I no longer follow up every week. The animations downloaded before have undergone several data transfers and lie quietly in a corner of the hard disk.

If you want to say whether this animation is interesting, whether the protagonist in it is interesting or not. Of course, the animation has created some interesting characters

Tomoyo Sakagami: Smart and strong, ideal female image Kotomi Ichinose: Very smart childhood sweetheart Fujibayashi Xing: Tsundere older sister Fujibayashi Joan: Shy younger sister Ifuko: Cute and responsible Haruhara: Basically a good friend people

There are many interesting characters, and the interaction between Haruhara and Tomoyo is also very interesting, but that’s all, it doesn’t reach the height of my masterpiece.


Why is the point of view different when I look at it again this time? Because I noticed details that I didn’t notice when I watched it before.

  • What happened to Yifengzi?
  • Why did Kotomi Ichinose come to Tomoya’s high school?
  • What’s wrong with Nagisa Furukawa and Shio Okazaki?
  • What happened to the heroines?
  • What happened when Shio Okazaki died?

When I watched this animation before, I didn’t notice or think about these problems.

Yi Fuzi, this is the person who makes us feel the saddest when watching animation again. At the age of 15, when I was in high school, I was in a coma in the hospital because of a car accident, but my soul was still moving freely. For my sister’s wedding, I carved a handmade starfish for the school as an invitation. After the wedding was successfully held, it was eventually forgotten by most people up. If that doesn’t sound too bad, the worst is yet to come. After 10 years in a coma in the hospital, she finally woke up, but her mental age was frozen at 15 forever. That’s why when she reappeared, she played in the sand like a little girl in the park. Even though she was the same age as Tomoya, she had a good time with Tomoya’s daughter Shio Okazaki. Sadly, she knows this herself, so she always speaks of herself as a mature adult, even though she may never grow up. When I was young, I always wanted to grow up quickly, and when I grew up, I missed the time when I was a child, but if I really can’t grow up, it will cause new pain.

Yi Fuzi

Ichinose Kotomi, we didn’t pay much attention to this person who is not in the spotlight when watching animation, but after reading the fan fiction The Kotomi Continuum and Broken Doll: An Alternate After Story , we also really fell in love with her. When I was young, my parents died, and I lived alone for many years, which created a strong sense of insecurity. Despite this, she put all her energy into reading and studying, which earned her a top 10 national achievement ranking. So, why didn’t she go to a better high school, and why did she go to study in the United States later? In fact, she came to his high school entirely because of Tomoya, and she didn’t even need to take classes at all. But after waiting for a long time, it wasn’t until the third year of high school that I met Tomoya again. Unfortunately, in the animation, Tomoya chose to be with Nagisa, so she ended up going to the United States for further studies, but the problem in her heart was not solved. In the fanfic mentioned above, Qin Mei gradually fell into depression after 16 years, and her reproductive cycle is coming to an end. Can this still be a good ending? Does a good ending for one mean a bad ending for someone else?

I saw a little rabbit the day before yesterday, a deer yesterday, and you today.
Ichinose Kotomi

fan fiction

In fact, my favorite may not be the clannad animation, but the reinterpretation of it in fan fiction.

As always, after we like an animation, we will want to find some fan fictions to read, to read different stories due to different choices, and think that it would be great if someone can save all these tragedies . Just like the relationship between “Flying to the Starry Sky” and “Magic Girl Madoka Magica”, we also learned about various detailed settings from fan fiction. With this in mind, we found a few good fan fictions. To be honest, the parts that I didn’t understand much in the animation, such as the little girl and the robot in the blank world, and Guangyu, etc., are all answered in the fan fiction.

  • The Kotomi Continuum : tells the story of Mikoto, Xing and Tomoya coming together, generally a sci-fi + love story
  • Broken Doll: An Alternate After Story : In a world where Shio Okazaki did not die at age 5, Tomoya, 36, is liked and married to Fujibayashi Muku’s daughter, but is related to the above story, although they not by the same author


Why is there such resonance for this story now? Maybe it’s because I can better understand the unsatisfactory reality, there are always too many things that I can’t get and miss, and people can’t stay at a certain stage forever.

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