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I was going to write it in a notebook.

I came back late yesterday and turned off the lights.

The intensity of the work is average,

The design looks like a headache.

At night Xiao Wu asked me to go out for a walk,

Looking at the customs and customs of this village on the road,

This place where I was born and raised,

Haven’t seen it in its entirety yet,

There are many places that I have never been to.

Finally we were at the school gate,

talk about recent events,

The most important thing is to think about the future,

What do you want to do?

I am also confused,

To start over?

It must be impossible.

It’s still my old job,

a bit greasy,


Speaking of the past again,

There will always be regrets.

Missed a lot of people and things,

Only with hindsight did I realize that this was the meaning.

And the worldly experiences around me,

I really don’t care about that,

good is good

If it’s not good, it’s not good, it doesn’t matter.


We have many similarities,

The most important thing is that you will be restrained by your parents.

Chinese parents,

You won’t be allowed to do anything risky,

always stick to the rules,

When you follow their plan,

Waiting does blindly belittle,

Do we have the right to actively choose?

The answer to everything is for your own good.

We chatted until 11 o’clock,

During this time, my mother called,

Ask me what fun things to do at night before I go home,

We left after 10 minutes,

coming around the corner

Still holding Xiao Wu’s cigarette in his hand,

She came to me on an electric bike.

I am 25 years old,

Still have no right to privacy,


Whatever you say is for my own good,

I’m so tired every day when I go home,

I have to work for you again.

Saving you money or something.

Start from the heart, and be inferior to others in everything.

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