Deploy a Budget-Friendly ARM-X86 Hybrid Kubernetes Cluster Using K3s

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Kubernetes is mostly used for enterprise-level services and is very heavy and expensive. Even the cheapest DigitalOcean Managed Kubernetes starts at $12/month per node. Later I learned about K3s, a lightweight Kubernetes distribution. K3s removes or lightweights many components in Kubernetes, allowing K3s to run on smaller VMs or even Raspberry Pis, while still having the scalability of Kubernetes.
This article will look at how to use K3s to build a budget-friendly Kubernetes cluster on the free Oracle Cloud Free Tier and find a balance between enterprise-grade technology and cost, with the goal of bringing some of my personal services that I previously ran with Docker, including Matomo , Maraidb, Misskey and several gadgets migrated to Kubernetes. This article will focus on selection and concepts, and will not involve specific implementation details.

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