DMM encrypted video decryption and download method summary (N_m3u8DL-CLI use demo)

DMM 加密视频解密下载方法小结 (N_m3u8DL-CLI使用演示)


DMM is an e-commerce website in Japan. Many people buy videos, movies, games, and peripherals here, but at this time, copyright and encryption issues are involved.

DMM videos are mainly provided in two ways after purchase, one is for online playback (based on m3u8), and the other is for local download (in .dcv format)

At the request of a customer, I studied how to decrypt and localize the video file, because the downloaded video is encrypted and copyrighted and needs to be played with a special browser.

After some investigation, it seems that it is not easy to decrypt the downloaded file (it seems that it was encrypted WMV in the early days, and now it is DCV, and no good DCV to MP4 method has been found), and then consider some search results, and finally refer to the download of M3U8+KEY method and succeeded. [Speaking of which, why is there not a decent tutorial on the whole network]

At the same time, there are also some third-party software that you can download, but you may only be able to try it out, and you will have to pay later. [If you are too lazy to toss, you can also use it]


  1. The network environment of Japanese IP (there is no mandatory restriction of native IP)
  2. The network environment of the IP dedicated to the payment environment (consistent with the issuing place of the bank card, or the same as the IP commonly used by PP)
  3. in (of course, decompression software is also required to decompress the ZIP)
  4. (For on-site purchases) Payment instruments (bank card, PayPal, etc.)
  5. (Purchased or purchased on site) The videos and movies you want to download and support online playback
  6. Computer Windows environment, Chrome browser

Grab the necessary parameters

First of all, on the online playback page, although you can’t read Japanese, you can find the computer icon in the upper left corner, and then the player button has an X set, which depends on the length of your video. If you have download permission, you can directly see the size and size of the video. Definition (consistent with online playback, can be adjusted after opening) (in addition, why is this thing so big, and the bit rate is 6M after downloading)


Then click to start playing, first F12 or right-click to open the console, and then click play, you can jump out of the F12 console of the player

Search as shown below, search for m3u8


Obviously there are two types of playlist and chunklist

The playlist is used to find the video source m3u8 direct link

Where chunklist is used to find KEY

Select the earliest playlist is the data source, find his request URL, the link starts with, the status code is 302, indicating that the main m3u8 jumps to the address of different code rate, the sub code rate For example, the address starts with


Then select the chunklist with the smallest number, in the fifth row in the preview, there is a “#EXT-X-KEY:METHOD=AES-128,URI=” ?ld=”


Copy this URL, and then open it directly in the browser or downloader, you can get something called drm_iphone, this thing is the KEY you want


Then some tutorials may ask you to use hexadecimal decoding or something. In fact, you don’t need to pay attention to it at all. It’s a waste of time, and you can download it directly with the following N_m3u8DL-CLI tool.

Use of N_m3u8DL-CLI tool

First download the program on GitHub, which is consistent with the above preparations


Open this executable with SimpleG


Then fill in the information as shown,

What is necessary is the M3U8 address, which is the request address of the playlist just now.

Then the title is whatever you want, and then it’s up to you to set up a proxy. If you have a system proxy, you don’t need to set it. If you don’t have it, set up an additional HTTP or SOCKS5 proxy. Note that I have omitted 5 here.

Then check the two green ones, customize the thread below

Then in the file manager, drag the drm_iphone just now directly to the box to the right of the custom KEY, and the directory can be automatically read

Then start directly with GO


Then you can start the fast download as shown in the picture.

In addition, if there is 0 speed, you can directly turn off and re-acquire a new address and KEY, and download it with the same title, and the progress will be automatically recognized.


core project

Is there a way to crack the video stream of dmm?

Ask for DMM video stream cracking method


DMM has purchased the video download [I don’t understand it, but it may work]

About DMM purchased video stream to obtain original ts file [not detailed, but the principle is correct]

Cat scratching plug-in [can be used to catch M3U8, but not currently required]

Hexadecimal decoder [still not used in the end]

Hexadecimal -> base64 string decoder [It was not used in the end]

DMM domestic credit card binding and recharge points tutorial [refer to when binding a credit card]

third-party software

(It feels like a nest of dolls, and the price is similar)

  • streamfab
  • keepstreams
  • BBFly DMM Downloader

Payment issues

bind credit card

  1. Currently DMM cancels support for MasterCard
  2. DMM doesn’t seem to show Discover card organization (only VISA, JCB, AE and Diners Club)
  3. I heard that non-Japanese VISA is not supported
  4. Taiwanese netizens say that they can’t do VISA but JCB can do it
  5. In my test, I found that the US VISA debit card prompts security questions, and the US AMEX credit card is normally bound (and the verification fee is 1USD)

PP payment in progress

  1. My test is that I can pay with Checkout every time, and it seems that I can also change the automatic deduction.
  2. It seems that the card deduction in Checkout can only deduct JPY directly (US bank accounts can only deduct USD, VISA and AE cards can only deduct JPY, and MasterCard does not support direct blocking)
  3. For the time being, I don’t know if I can go directly to PP and other payment methods without binding a credit card.
  4. I paid with a VISA debit card in a business account in the US.

Other payment methods

It seems that they are all local payment methods in Japan. I haven’t seen any Alipay and WeChat on the Internet. It is estimated that they have been killed. After all, there are a lot of R18 and contraband.

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