Do more useless things

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Life should be a combination of looseness and tightness. It requires not only “tightness” to do useful things, but also “looseness” to do “useless” things to relax yourself.

When I was young, I was a “struggle” existence. When others were playing games, I was Coding; when others were sleeping, I was Coding; when others were in class, I was still Coding .

I spent a lot of time doing these things with Coding, and I could call it the “tightness” of my era. That hard work paid off, and I did things my peers couldn’t. But accordingly, I

When I was young, I was very concerned about “useful things”.

After all, if young people want to quickly surpass their peers, or even surpass those who are older than themselves, they need to put in ten or even a hundred times more effort than ordinary people. I’m not smart enough, so I can only rely on brute force to learn and practice. Fortunately, I started early, learned early, and practiced early, so I finally achieved a fairly acceptable result at my age (but to be honest, I am not particularly satisfied, and I hope I can be better).

And these exercises and studies have consumed a lot of my “useless things” time, so I don’t have much time to do those useless things.

But a lot of “useful things” make my life very dull, rigid, and lifeless. I became a less interesting person. Even today, I still can’t be funny.

From a certain perspective, we can think that “useless things” represent those parts of human beings that represent human nature, while useful things represent human’s pursuit of efficiency, which is more inclined to machines.

When you do useless things, you become more human; when you do useful things, you become more like machines. I still think it’s better to look like a “human”.

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