Do not take stubbornness as long-termism

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resolution to break up

Do not take stubbornness as long-termism

Sister Tang has not produced many movies. Since the beginning of “Lust and Caution”, she has not made a few movies. This time, “Resolve to Break Up” is the one I am looking forward to. Just like watching “Lust and Caution”, I downloaded it for the first time. Pirated, to watch.

This is an Apple-sponsored movie, iPhone, Watch, Siri, Musi… Apple’s whole family goes into battle. What is more embarrassing is that because the Apple device records too much privacy, audio, call records, and step counts, the police who are deeply in love finally found the criminal evidence of the Chinese woman with the help of the Apple device.

In the film, the heroine directly and illegally deprives others of life 3 times, instigates others to kill once, and commits suicide once. The male protagonist only cracked three of the security checks.

old enemy

The Old Enemy is an Indian movie released this year. The first half of the story is old-fashioned and slightly monotonous. The court trial suddenly pushed the story to a climax. Human nature, rights, truth, and family relationships were all revealed at that moment. After the trial, the whole plot returned to calm. From the narrative structure of the film, there is nothing outstanding. From the depth of the script content, it is indeed a recent masterpiece.

Recently, the domestic film market has been mourning. Producers, film and television companies, theaters, and directors have come out to complain that the domestic film and television production environment is too bad. The critics are the film censorship department. , attributed the root cause of the film’s inability to release to the review mechanism. The review mechanism is indeed like Big Brother, but can filmmakers ask themselves: As far as the bad films you’ve made, will there be a box office if they pass the review? For at least the past 10 years, I think the only movie that the mainland can take out is “Let the Bullets Fly”, and the rest are garbage.

Enterprise Service Alliance

The needs of government and enterprise customers are complex, and the internal decision-making cycle is long. A large number of feasibility studies and project planning need to be done in the early stage. The implementation process requires qualified suppliers, integrators, and supervision units to jointly complete the project implementation. During the use process, regular maintenance and updates are required to deal with sudden changes. event.

The emergence of division of labor is for everyone to do their most professional things and improve their professionalism, but the professional division of labor also leads to greatly reduced customer experience. As the design, planning, project implementation and operation and maintenance party in the government and enterprise customer service chain, it is often difficult to act alone. If the upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain can be combined into a service alliance, the alliance can not only provide unified services in the form of professional alliances , but also to ensure the customer experience throughout the entire project life cycle. The design and planning party invites the project implementation and operation and maintenance parties to participate in the project implementation, which can ensure that the design details and ideas are provided from a more professional perspective. Project implementers and operation and maintenance parties can also know the details of project implementation in advance and make adequate preparations. Since the project designer provides sales leads for the construction and operation and maintenance parties, the designer can naturally obtain profits from the subsequent construction and operation and maintenance of the project.

The formation of an enterprise alliance should not blindly strive for greatness. The enterprises in the alliance should have the same philosophy and equal strength, and should be formed strictly in accordance with the upstream and downstream linkages of the industrial chain. There can only be one enterprise at each key node, otherwise conflicts of interest will form and the alliance will fail. . Enterprises in the alliance must have certain market development capabilities to ensure that the alliance has enough business support. At the beginning of the formation of the alliance, the profit distribution mechanism should also be clarified. It is best to frame the general profit distribution range, and then delineate the precise distribution ratio according to specific projects.


Xinchuang, the information technology application innovation industry, is the foundation of data security and network security, and is also an important part of new infrastructure. Xinchuang put some of the previous industries together and re-named it: Information Technology Application Innovation Industry, referred to as “Xinchuang”.

The industries involved in Xinchuang include IT infrastructure: chips, storage, complete machines, databases, middleware, big data, cloud services, operating systems, information security, network equipment, office software and firmware peripherals.

In 2022, the scale of the domestic Xinchuang industry will be about 1 trillion yuan. According to iResearch’s forecast, the domestic Xinchuang industry will reach 3.7 trillion yuan in 2027. In the past, foreign manufacturers used quality and service to conquer the domestic market, and domestic customers were more interested in foreign well-known enterprises. The recognition is also higher than that of domestic enterprises, resulting in neither market nor R&D funds for domestic enterprises, and their development is seriously hindered. After the U.S. suppression and domestic awakening, the government began to take the lead in using domestic products, which not only played a leading role in demonstration, but also provided market opportunities and R&D funding sources for enterprises. Through this catalyst, the entire Xinchuang industry began to see a positive cycle. Coupled with the capital market’s inclination towards Xinchuang’s policies, there will always be excellent companies in the Xinchuang industry born.

When BAT was flourishing, the media came out from time to time to reflect on why we only have application-oriented companies like BAT, but no core technology companies like Apple and Intel. Looking at the recently listed Xinchuang enterprises, which one has more than ten years of hard work and courage, and there is no need to rush into Xinchuang. The technical threshold of Xinchuang is high, and it cannot be done with money. Apple wanted to replace Intel with self-developed chips ten years ago, and it did not develop the M1 chip until two years ago.

All countries agree that the Xinchuang industry is the main economic growth point in the future. The United States recently passed the US$52 billion chip bill, and China continues to support Xinchuang enterprises in the form of large national funds.

Do not take stubbornness as long-termism

Profitability is the only criterion for testing investment success. When we talk about value investing, it is often said that value investing should adhere to long-termism, but no one specifically talks about what long-termism is and how long a target should be held.

The market is unpredictable, and it is difficult for the entrepreneurial team behind the investment target to predict what the future will hold. In the long run, it should be continuously adjusted according to the situation. Stubbornness cannot be regarded as long-termism. Don’t take stubbornness as persistence, and don’t take stubbornness as an opportunity to make a comeback.

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