Double 11 Sale! The new system is equipped with new tools, and the 23.2 yuan enhanced function key doubles the efficiency of Mac!

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Friends who have known the F keys of the keyboard should know that using the F1~F12 keys can help us adjust the volume, screen brightness, etc., but the functions are relatively simple. The Function Key Pro introduced today is a function key enhancement tool specially designed for Mac. It allows users to customize the key functions of F1~F12, realize quick application startup, simplify shortcut key combinations, etc., and improve the efficiency of multi-application collaboration. The digital lychee double 11 promotion has already started. The event time is 2022.10.26 to 11.15. The original price of Function Key Pro is 29 yuan, and you can enjoy a 20% discount when you place an order now, and you can get it for only 23.2 yuan! From now until November 11th, if you buy other software, you can get a discount of 5 yuan for every 100 superimposed.

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