Download Chrome with Edge? Microsoft “pulls the banner” in response: Daba!

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In the past, we would ridicule that the main function of the IE browser is to download the Chrome browser. I wonder if Microsoft is not satisfied with the current market share of the Edge browser, or is afraid that the Edge browser will take the old path of IE. A few days ago, some users discovered that when using the Edge browser to visit the Chrome download page, the Edge browser will display a large advertisement to the user to retain the user and “dissuade” them from using Chrome.

The recent discussions on ChatGPT and the new Bing search engine have led to an increase in downloads of the Edge browser. In addition, Microsoft has also cooperated with Adobe to replace the built-in PDF rendering engine of Edge with Acrobat. “I have nothing” function, allowing users to use the Edge browser.

We don’t know how many users the functional differentiation has brought to Edge, but according to statistics from the market research firm statcounter, Edge’s current market share of the entire platform is only 4.46%, far behind Chrome’s 65.4%.

So is there any other way to increase the number of users of Edge? Microsoft has recently offered a more aggressive promotion method-when users use Edge Canary to visit the Chrome download page, Edge will pop up two ads: the first (small) will pop up when the Chrome website loads, and the second is a full-size banner ad that spans the entire width of the browser and appears when Chrome starts downloading.

The slogan used by Microsoft is:

Edge uses the same technology as Chrome, with the extra trust of Microsoft

The button Browse securely below also implies that Chrome is not secure. The ad looks so well integrated with the webpage that it looks like part of the Chrome download page at first glance.

After testing, this ad only appears on the Windows version of Edge Canary for the time being, and the Edge browser on the Mac platform cannot reproduce this problem. It’s unclear if this “feature” will end up on the stable release.

In addition, some netizens found that when searching for browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari on Microsoft Bing, there will be a banner recommending Edge at the top of the search results. The editor also tried to search, and the result is indeed the same:

In order to promote its own Edge, Microsoft is “everything possible”. What do you think of Microsoft’s promotion methods?

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